Walid Krichene

Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley.


I work on distributed learning and control.
My research interests lie at the intersection of control theory, learning theory and optimization.
I am advised by Prof. Alex Bayen. I also work with Prof. Peter Bartlett.

Here, you can find a list of my publications and previous work I did.


  1. I will be giving a talk at the KAUST conference on Human-Machine Networks and Intelligent Infrastructure (October 6, 2015). Slides

  2. I will be presenting Syrine's work on heterogeneous routing using stochastic mirror descent at Allerton (September 30, 2015). Slides

  3. Our paper on accelerated mirror descent in continuous and discrete time is accepted at NIPS (December 2015).
    The supplementary material contains proofs and videos.
    I will put a long version on ArXiv soon. Send me email and I can send you the current draft.

  4. I will be presenting our work on efficient Bregman projections at CDC 2015 in Osaka (December 2015).


Walid Krichene, Ph.D. candidate.
U.C. Berkeley, 652 Sutardja Dai Hall.
Berkeley CA 94720–1710

Email: walid@eecs