Walid Krichene

Ph.D. candidate, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley.


I work on distributed learning and control.
My research interests lie at the intersection of control theory, learning theory and optimization.
I am advised by Prof. Alex Bayen. I also work with Prof. Peter Bartlett.
I am part of the FORCES group (Foundations Of Resilient CybEr-physical Systems).

Here, you can find a description of my research projects, a list of my publications and previous work I did.


  1. I will be giving a talk at the IPAM in UCLA on distributed learning, estimation and control for routing.

  2. Our paper on accelerated mirror descent in continuous and discrete time is selected for a spotlight presentation at NIPS (December 2015).
    The supplementary material contains proofs and videos.
    I recently gave a longer talk on the topic. Here are the slides.

  3. I will be giving a talk at the KAUST conference on Human-Machine Networks and Intelligent Infrastructure (October 6, 2015). Slides

  4. I will be presenting Syrine's work on heterogeneous routing using stochastic mirror descent at Allerton (September 30, 2015). Slides

  5. I will be presenting our work on efficient Bregman projections at CDC 2015 in Osaka (December 2015).

  6. I was awarded the Leon O. Chua Award for outstanding achievement in nonlinear science!

  7. I was awarded the Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for MFE 230P (Optimization Methods for Finance, part of the Masters of Financial Engineering at the Haas School of Business).

  8. I was awarded the EECS Distinguished Student Teaching Award for EE128 (Feedback control systems), together with Max Balandat. This was a fun class, and Max was a great person to work with!


Walid Krichene, Ph.D. candidate.
U.C. Berkeley, 652 Sutardja Dai Hall.
Berkeley CA 94720–1710

Email: walid@eecs