Student Awards

Awards Ceremony and Reception:   Friday, May 6, 2016, 1:00pm to 3:30pm
Wozniak Lounge, 430-8 Soda Hall
Demetri Angelakos Memorial Achievement Award
Timothy B. Campbell Innovation Award
Leon O. Chua Award
Departmental Citation
Warren Dere Design Award
James H. Eaton Memorial Scholarship
EECS Distinguished Student Teaching Award
William Everitt Award for Excellence
Art and Mary Fong Scholarship Award
Kevin K. Gong Memorial Scholarship for Bright Minds and Big Hearts
Jim and Donna Gray Award
Arthur M. Hopkin Award
Eli Jury Award
Eugene L. Lawler Prize
Tong Leong Lim Pre-Doctoral Prize
Outstanding Course Development & Teaching Award
C. V. Ramamoorthy Distinguished Research Award
David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize
Sevin Rosen Funds Award for Innovation
Samuel Silver Memorial Scholarship Award
Ross N. Tucker Memorial Award
James Tullock Memorial Scholarship Award
Mark D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship
Nominate a Student – deadline March 4, 2016
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The Demetri Angelakos Memorial Achievement Award

Presented annually to an Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences graduate student who is beyond the preliminary examination and is proceeding to a doctoral degree. The purpose of the award is to recognize a student who, in addition to conducting his/her research, unselfishly takes the time to help colleagues beyond the normal cooperation existing between fellow students. The award was established in 1979 in memory of Demetri Angelakos who was a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and had been working toward his Ph.D. at the time of his death.

The altruistic attitude of the recipient may be evidenced in the following ways: volunteering to conduct laboratory procedure sessions attended by colleagues, explaining intricate equipment usage, promoting greater research cooperation, etc. Because of the primary interests of the EECS graduate student in whose name the award was established, the general areas of solid state, optical electronics, electromagnetics and semiconductor electronics will be given first consideration.


1980 Ping Ko
1981 Karen Irwin
1982 John Foderaro
1983 Tom Quarles
1984 Roger Howe and Peter Kessler
1985 Nazli Gundes and Max Hauser
1986 Myra Boenke and Albert Wu
1987 Peter Danzig and Keshab Parhi
1988 Ricki Blau and Fabio Romeo
1989 Vijay Madisetti and Ginetto Addiego


1990 Kevin Heppell and Ken Nishimura
1991 Josephn Konstan
1992 Kristofer Pister and Dawn Tilbury
1993 Gregory Uehara
1994 Samuel Shen
1995 Mor Harchol-Balter
1996 Su-Lin Wu
1997 Brian Kingsbury
1998 Richard Edell
1999 Jacques Christophe Rudell


2000 Jakub Kedzierski and Maryann Simmons
2001 Julius Kusuma and Kevin Yang
2002 Luca Carloni
2003 Greg McIntyre
2004 Lukas Chrostowski
2005 Andrew Begel and Axel Berny
2006 Donovan Tan Lee
2007 Vinod Prabhakaran
2008 Anand Sarwate and Joanna Lai
2009 Bala Pesala and Bharathwaj Muthuswamy


2010 Zachery Jacobson
2011 Joshua Hug
2012 Rikky Muller and Isabelle Stanton
2013 Matthew Spencer
2014 Gireeja Ranade
2015 Brian Matthew Zimmer
2016 Katherine Driggs Campbell, Mo Chen

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Departmental Citation

The Department Citation is presented annually at the EECS Student Awards ceremony in recognition of outstanding undergraduate achievement in EECS. Other qualities and attainments are also considered so that the award does not automatically go to the student with the highest GPA in the major. The Student Awards committee makes its selection among the students with the highest average grades – no nominations are solicited for the award.


1955 Loran W. Stringer
1956 William B. Bridges and Harold R. Hall
1957 Jules Pearlman, Jr., Robert S. Pepper, Roy Sokoler and Neil R. Welsh
1958 Michael Athanassiades, Klaus Arons, Irene Karmilof, Harold Knudsen, David Sworder, Richard Thomas and John Wiesner
1959 Andre Lubarsky and John D. Patterson
1960 Albert Chang
1961 David A. Butner
1962 John A. Reed
1963 Bary M. Biddings
1964 Philemon M. Merryman
1965 Adnan A. S. Eldin
1966 Bruce A. Wooley
1967 Robert W. Dutton
1968 Lawrence J. Ferderber
1969 Andrew H.C. Kung


1970 Clinton P. Ma
1971 Gary Mikelson
1972 Robert G. Mathews
1973 Harold G. Sampson
1974 James Jatczynski
1975 Jeffrey A. Gibbons
1976 Stephen E. Hung
1977 Steven G. Azevedo
1978 John W. Fattaruso
1979 Max W. Hauser
1980 Thomas S. Parker
1981 Suk Young Kang
1982 Robert Bordow, Peter Ruetz and Eryk Vershen
1983 Pantas Sutardja
1984 Gregory Heinzinger
1985 Frandics Chan and Derek Wong
1986 Thu Duc Nguyen and Gary Wayne Ng
1987 David James Beymer and Edward Wai Yeung Liu
1988 Paul Haskell and Nels Olson
1989 Samuel Sheng


1990 Warren Lam and Wee-Liang Heng
1991 Erin C. Jones and Tak Woon Yan
1992 Boris Troyanovsky
1993 Eric Braun
1994 Scott Davies and Anant Sahai
1995 Avrom Pfeffer
1996 Hong Tat Chee
1997 Chee-Whye Chin
1998 Taher Haveliwala
1999 Raymond Wang
2000 Yozo Hida
2001 Byron Yu
2002 Alexander Fabrikant
2003 Jeng-Wen Peter Chen
2004 Kevin Simler
2005 David Sontag
2006 Philip A. Godoy
2007 Jui-Yen Jason Lin
2008 Matthew J. Johnson
2009 Chayut Thanapirom


2010 Daniel Ritchie
2011 Nick Boyd
2012 Warren He
2013 David Eliahu
2014 Rohin Shah
2015 Jingyan Wang
2016 Peter Thaibao Phan

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Leon O. Chua Award

The Leon O. Chua award was made possible by a donation in 1999 from Professor Sung-Mo "Steve" Kang, a student of Prof. Chua and former Chancellor of U.C. Merced. The award is presented annually to current students or recent alumni for outstanding achievement in an area of nonlinear science from any discipline, including biology, engineering, mathematics, and physical and social sciences.


2001 Jie Liu
2002 Rupak Majumdar
2003 Jianghi Hu
2004 Arnab Nilim
2005 Aaron Ames
2006 Alessandro Abate
2007 XuanLong Nguyen
2008 Xiaoxue Zhao
2009 Forrest Sedgwick

    2010 Christian Claudel
2011 Susmit Jha
2012 Anil Aswani
2013 Wenchao Li
2014 Sam Coogan
2015 Walid Krichene
2016 Dorsa Sadigh

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Timothy B. Campbell Innovation Award

This award honors the memory of Tim Campbell, a CS PhD Student who was widely known for his innovative spirit, creativity, and cross-functional collaboration. This award is presented to a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and creativity through her or his research and personal life.This award is funded by the Timothy B. Campbell Memorial Scholarship Foundation.


2016 Joanne Lo

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Warren Dere Design Award

This award is presented to graduating seniors in EECS whose accomplishments in engineering design are judged to be most outstanding. This memorial award honors Professor Dere, who later went on to work at IBM, and was known by his colleagues as being outstanding in engineering systems design. Evidence might include accomplishments during a co-op or internship assignment or on a summer job, or achievements on a project for an upper division design course.


1988 Ken Nishimura
1989 Robert Currie
1990 Bart Bombay
1991 Richard Edell and Chris Ruemmler
1992 Michael Chen
1993 Benedict Tse, Trevor Pering, and "Leo" Ki-Chun Fu
1994 Michael Horton
1995 Ravi Narasimhan
1996 David Hsu
1997 Edmond Lau
1998 Dmitry Derevyanko, Allan Liu and Yuriy Regelman
1999 Chris Olston


2000 Paul Huang
2001 Jeffrey Heer
2002 Aman Bhargava
2003 Daniel Horn
2004 Michael Toomin
2005 Arlo Faria
2006 Rosen Nikolaev Diankov
2007 Roderick Mann, Robert Gregg, John Breneman
2008 Wai Son (Wilson) Ko
2009 Minh Van Pham Ly, Ashik Manandhar, and Trung Tran
2010 Hartej Dhami, Amanullah Mohiudin and Farzad Fatollahi-Fard


2011 James Ide
2012 Yewen Pu and We Wu
2013 Kathy Sun and Ziang Xie
2014 Siddhartho Bhattacharya, Ankush Gupta, Rohin Shah, and Claire Tuna
2015 Eldon Schoop, Sahaana Suri, Rishi Sharma, Edward Groshev, Wisam Reid
2016 Peter Ahrens, Dibyo Majumdar, Marvin Zhang, Peter Thaibao Phan

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James H. Eaton Memorial Scholarship

The James Eaton Memorial Scholarship is for an EECS undergraduate student who has demonstrated a keen sense of creativity and inventiveness. The award is named in honor of James Eaton, a 1962 EE PhD, who spent a short period of time on the UC Berkeley EE faculty before joining IBM where he was spent the next 40 years directing research and pioneering technologies, especially in the magnetic tape data storage areas. Late in his career, suffering from MS, he left the East Coast, returned to California where he pursued his interest in designing new products, receiving an IBM Corporate Award in 2001 and the title of Master Inventor (with 24-25 patents) shortly before his death, still employed, in 2004. He was known by all as an original thinker, coming up with practical, unique and patentable ideas.


2006 Wojciech Jacob Poppe
2007 Subramaniam Venkatraman
2008 Christopher Jones
2009 Renaldi Winoto
2010 Seng Oon Toh
2011 Ji-Hoon Park
2012 LingKai Kong
2013 Michael Eggleston and Yue Lu
2014 Jodi Loo
2015 Jingyan Wang, Erik Krogen, Nikita Kitaev, Niranjan Kumar, Nitish Padmanaban, Gautam Gunjala, Jeong Seuk Louis Kang, Sahaana Suri, Vaishaal Shankar, Nopphon Siranart
2016 David Marn, Sean Zhu, Dibyo Majumdar

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EECS Distinguished Student Teaching Award

(Formerly called the Outstanding GSI Award.) Each year in February, the department selects two students, one in EE and one in CS, who served as the most distinguished Graduate Student Instructors during the previous calendar year. Students are selected based on faculty nominations and student ratings provided by the EECS branches of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) and the IEEE Student Branch Chapter. Recipients of this award are honored at the departmental Student Awards Ceremony in May.

In a separate ceremony each spring, the campus honors approximately the top 9% of all campus Teaching Assistants who taught during the previous calendar year with the Outstanding GSI Award. Nominees for the campus award may be undergraduates or graduate students. EECS nominees are selected based on faculty nominations and student ratings provided by he EECS branches of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) and the IEEE Student Branch Chapter.


1972 John Tsividis
1973 Pershing Lum and Vince Dauciunus
1974 Bob Upshaw
1975 Bob Epstein, Jaff Lin and John Tsividis
1976 Ata Khan and Zoaib Rangwala
1977 John Uyemura and Pete Sandon
1978 Wayne Harvey and John Lee
1979 Geoff Peck and Sanjay Mehrotra


1980 Joel Huang and William Zuravleff
1981 Edmond D. Lock and Lee-Chung Yiu
1982 Farid Bidabad and Allan Brockenbrough
1983 Dennis Polla and Brendon Voge
1984 Joseph Pasquale and Prabhakar Raghavan
1985 Herve DeCosta and Chwen-Cher Chang
1986 Ellen Sentovich, Timothy Hu and Douglas Kidder
1987 Robert Boothe and Kartikeya Mayaram
1988 Randy Cieslak and Mark Kwong
1989 David Feld and Anthony Ng


1990 Phil Lapsley and William Evans
1991 Orla Feely and James Mott-Smith
1992 John Georges and Timothy Huang
1993 Gregory Walsh and Matthew Wright
1994 Mor Harchol Balter and Samuel Sheng
1995 Kenneth Chiang and Lisa Guerra
1996 Brandy Schweiss and Kirt Williams
1997 Nathan Slingerland and Fred Wong
1998 Dan Garcia and Joseph Yan
1999 Barry Chen, Jeff Gilbert and Han-Shen Yuan


2000 Sanjoy Dasgupta and Nils Wemhoener
2001 Eric Chi and Brenda Liu
2002 Todd Segal and John Slavinsky
2003 Ryan White and Ranjit Jhala
2004 Bobak Nazer and Greg Krimer
2005 Meghdad Hajimorad and Chung Ming Wu
2006 Alyosha Molnar and Rajesh Nishtala
2007 Jerry Ding and John S. Denero
2008 Ramesh Sridharan
2009 Jonathan Kotker and Anna Rafferty


2010 Tsung-Te Liu and Colleen Lewis
2011 Matthew Spencer and David Hall
2012 Neel Shah, David Burkett, and Luke Segars
2013 Insoon Yang and Arjun Singh
2014 Maxmillian Balandat, Walid Krichene, and Paul Pearce
2015 Michael Ball, Kate Harrison, Nathan Narevsky
2016 Filip Maksimovic, Rohin Shah, Patrick Virtue

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William Everitt Award for Excellence

The International Engineering Consortium William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence was created by the International Engineering Consortium (formerly known as the National Engineering Consortium, "NEC") to honor students who are currently completing their Senior year, who rank at the top 10% of their class, and who show evidence of interest in areas of communications and computers, with professional interests and activities. First known as the NEC Outstanding Senior Student Awards Program, it is now called the William L. Everitt Student Awards of Excellence Program, to honor the former Dean of Engineering at the University of Illinois. The Everitt Program invites each IEC affiliated university to select up to two students to be honored. Nominations are solicited in Spring and selection is made by the department's Student Awards committee. This award was discontinued in 2012.


1999 Andy Chow Chou and Bernard K. Lin
2002 Lea Kissner and Paul Twohey
2003 Kishan Gupta and Candice Tsay
2004 Amy Wung and Mimi Yang
2005 Tina Dong
2006 John J. Jordan
    2007 Ken Elkabany
2008 Christine Avanessians
2009 Priyanka Reddy
2010 David Wong
2011 Chongxuan Kathy Tang
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Art and Mary Fong Scholarship Award

This academic year award was endowed by a generous donation from Mr. Arthur Fong, an EECS alumnus and former Vice President of Hewlett Packard. The Fong Award is given to students just completing their junior year who have demonstrated both high scholastic achievement and financial need. Mr. Fong received financial assistance during his own senior year in EECS at Berkeley and went on to great achievements that were recognized with a Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award. Selection is made in the *fall* and presented formally at the Spring EECS Student Awards Ceremony. No nominations are solicited for this award.


1982 James Yu
1983 Peter Kam Wah Lee
1984 Robert James Knight
1986 Edward Wai-Yeung Liu
1987 Charles Chansik Park and Tien Gra Truong
1989 Dung Lam
1990 Alisina Pourazima
1991 Joanne Leung
1992 Wingwai Howe
1993 Kinshuk Govil
1995 Phong-Son Le
1996 Margie Lee Luong and Aravind Mani
1997 Sarah Moussa and Anhtuyet Thi Nguyen
1998 Bruce Lo and Xiaozhou Zhang
1999 Matthew Muh and Ilyas Nuri


2000 Kathryn Ewell and Yang Jiao
2002 Artem Tkachenko and Ki Hoon Kim
2003 Jeffry Carl West
2004 Tingting Huang, Xian Jun Liu and Michael Chi-Hang Yeung
2005 Yoon Sub Hwang, Cho Mon Kyaw and Ilya Gurin
2006 Allen Lee and Michael Chung Wang
2007 Uyen Nguyen Huynh and Hong Hu
2009 Paul Pearce and Wei-Hua Peng
2010 No Award Given
2011 No Award Given
2012 No Award Given
2013 Isaac Wu
2014 Justin Junxuan Fu
2015 Lev Tauz
2016 Sunjay George Koshy

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Kevin K. Gong Memorial Scholarship for Bright Minds and Big Hearts

The Kevin K. Gong Memorial Scholarship for Bright Minds and Big Hearts will provide student support to Computer Science or EECS students (rising sophomores - seniors) who are passionate about using technology to better the world in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. This scholarship was established in 2015.


2015 Jingyan Wang
2016 Mihir Patil

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Jim and Donna Gray Award

This academic year scholarship honors Professor Emeritus Michael A. Harrison and is for Computer Science undergraduates in good academic standing with financial need. Those eligible are juniors and seniors with GPA of 3.3 or above. The Department makes the nominations and the winners are selected in the *fall*. No nominations are solicited for this award. (Formerly called IT Award, name changed in 2008.)


1998 Aaron Kwong Yue Lee and Godfrey Tan     2010 Albert Kim, Saung Li, Zue Wu, Richard Xia, Stephen Miller, Eui Shin and Justin Chu
1999 Arthur Cantu, Stanley Yue, Victor Ho, Kar Ming Tang, Lorentz Shyu, Erik Reeber, Yozo Hida, Alexander Fabrikant, James Chow and Ada Chan     2011 Avik Das, Tony Dear, Hui Peng Hu, Thomas Magrino, Brian Maissy, Aaron Wong, and Pin Xu
2000 James Yun-Chin Chao, Aqeel Mahesri, Robert Nelson, Paul Hyun Park, Jimmy Zhigang Su, Laura Todd, George Warfield, and Lijue Zhong     2012 Michael Cai, Jonathan Ho, Alex Lee, Richard Lin, Seshadri Mahalingham, Justin Uang, and Mengyi Wo
2001 Liane Beckman, Emily Chung, Paul Huang, Katherine Chang, Eva Lo, Tim Yee Liu, Joe Ho Tam and Jan Wen Voung     2013 Cong Chen, Richard Hwang, Jasper Lee, Hurshal Samir Patel, Jiyong Shim, Steve John Wang, and Darryl Yu
2002 Allan Gu, William Kumberger, Khoa Nguyen, Hai Hoang Phan, Yuk Shuen (Margaret) Yau, Benjamin Young and Meng Yu     2014 Quinn Hajime Johnson, Leo Hung Tai Kam, Saveen Sahni, Raymond Shiau, Sahanna Suri, Daniel Paden Tomasello, and Shu Zhong
2003 Kun Gao, Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang, Margaret Yau and Meng Yu     2015 Jimmy Lee, Pandu Rendradjaja, Rishi Kapadia, Manuk Hovanesian, Donny Chen Reynolds, Anting Shen, Olivia Chen
2004 Sam Mardanbeig, Lin Kuang and Chung Ming Wu     2016 Jimmy Yun Cheung, James Steven Carlson, Amanda Lou Xia, Kegan Kawamura, Robert Mason Spark, Hung Thien Nguyen Vu, Yishuang Liang
2005 Albert Chang, Yanpei Chen, Victor Feldman and Liron Yahdav    
2006 Matthew Finifter, David Jacobs, Christopher Jones, Kedar Kanitkar, Allen Lee, Michael Leong, and Keaton Mowery    
2007 Matthew Finifter, David Jacobs, Christopher Jones, Kedar Kanitkar, Allen Lee, Michael Leong and Keaton Mowery    
2008 Nir Abraham Ackner, Scott Emerson Crawford, Priyanka Reddy, Hisham Sami Zarka, Hsiu-Fan Wang, Jerry Hong and Brian Kim    
2009 Nathan Kallus, Steven Jongshown Lee, Adit Abhay Dalvi, Michael Cao, Victor Shia, Jerry Zhihui Zhang, and Ryosuke Niwa    
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Arthur M. Hopkin Award

The Hopkin award honors an outstanding Electrical Engineering undergraduate who demonstrates seriousness of purpose and high academic achievement. This award honors Professor Arthur M. ("Mac") Hopkin, an expert in the field of nonlinear control, who joined the EECS faculty in 1954 and served on our department's faculty for 46 years. The award is to be used by the student for furthering his/her education.


2001 Ming Tang
2002 Shong Yin
2003 Shervin Shekarchian
2004 Katherine Yiu
2005 Kasra Khatibi
2006 Robert D. Gregg IV
2007 John Torous
2008 Liang Jie Wong and Pamela Lee
2009 Irving Lin, Victor Shia, Curtis Wang


2010 Judy Hoffman
2011 Dorsa Sadigh
2012 Sameet Ramakrishnan
2013 Anuran Makur and Zhengyuan Zhou
2014 Jingyan Wang
2015 Sahar Mesri, Nitish Padmanaban, Sahaana Suri, Paroma Varma
2016 Joseph Hui

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Eli Jury Award

This award is presented to a graduate student or recent alumnus for outstanding achievement in the area of Systems, Communications, Control, or Signal Processing. Prof. Eliahu Jury, who taught at Berkeley and established this award, is internationally known for his important research contributions and impact on the systems field. He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE and has received the Rufus Oldenburger Medal from the ASME, the First Education Award of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, and the IEEE Millennium Medal.


1987 Keshab Parhi
1988 Teresa Meng
1989 Li Zexiang
1990 Richard Murray
1991 Thorsten von Eicken
1992 Soren Hein
1993 John R. Barry
1994 Dawn Tilbury
1995 Ruth Rosenholtz
1996 Anuj Puri
1997 Dattaprabodh Godbole and John Lygeros
1998 Vivek Goyal
1999 George Pappas


2000 Pramod Viswanath
2001 S. Sandeep Pradhan
2002 Lizhong Zheng
2003 Rene Vidal
2004 Rohit Puri
2005 Francis Bach
2006 Bruno Sinopoli, Luca Schenato
2007 Minghua Chen
2008 Alex Dimakis
2009 Bobak Nazer
2010 Amin Aminzadeh Gohari


2011 Pulkit Grover
2012 Lester Mackey
2013 Sudeep Kamath
2014 Se Yong Park
2015 Varun Jog, Insoon Yang
2016 Rashmi Vinayak, Sam Coogan

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Eugene L. Lawler Prize

This prize was established by the Computer Science Division to honor the memory of our colleague, Professor Eugene L. Lawler, who was an internationally recognized expert in mathematical theories of scheduling and resource allocation. The Lawler Prize honors a computer science undergraduate or reentry student from a disadvantaged group or who has surmounted unusual difficulties in pursuing a degree and has demonstrated academic effort.


1995 Troy Shahoumian
1996 Isamu Shigemori
1997 Huma Dar
1998 Tucker Callaway
1999 Nikki Mirghafori
2000 Justin Kwak
2001 Eli Bingham, Jessica Britt, Johnathan Reason, Karen Rayment
2002 Morgan Ames
2003 Hesham Kamel and Syed Ali Rizvi
2004 Cecilia Aragon
2005 Alyson Fletcher
2006 Alan A. Jensen
2007 Daniel Davis
2008 John Nguyen
2009 Philip Weiss


2010 Paul Pearce
2011 Nikola Radnovic
2012 Daniel Roth
2013 Moshe Leon
2014 Joanna Mary Abot, Tim Campbell, and Dmitry Dimov
2015 Emmanuel Aguirre-Nunez, Tsion Behailu, Aparna Dhinakaran, Michael Ball
2016 Itzel Martinez, Akhila Raju

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Tong Leong Lim Pre-Doctoral Prize

This award is presented in memory of Tong Leong Lim, who ranked as the top student in his pre-doctoral examination. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering in 1976, under Professor George Turin. The prize has been given since 1988 and is presented annually to a graduate in EECS who has achieved the highest distinction in the pre-doctoral examination. Top scoring student information is provided to the Awards Committee by the EECS Center for Student Affairs and the awardees are recognized at the EECS annual Student Awards ceremony. No nominations are solicited for this award.


1988 Umakanta Choudhury and Kenneth Shirriff
1989 Peter Gemmell and George Kesidis
1990 Paul Haskell and Sven Koenig
1991 Klaus Schauser and Tiziano Villa
1992 Seth Goldstein and Thomas Shiple
1993 Steven Lumetta
1994 Yuji Kukimoto
1995 Sundeep Rangan
1996 Shaz Qadeer
1997 David Gay
1998 Lizhong Zheng
1999 Aaron Brown
2000 Payam Pakzad and Ziv Bar-Yossef


2001 Westley Weimer and Pablo Anigstein
2002 Hao Chen and Hyuck Choo
2003 John Kodumal and Vinod Prabhakaran
2004 Hoe Teck Wee and Abhijit Davare
2005 Jen-Wen Peter Chen and Russell Sears
2006 Peter Bodik and Simone Gambini
2007 Chris H. Clifford, Ilya Bagrak
2008 Cheuk Chi Lo and Shoaib Kamil
2009 EE - Se Yong Park
2009 CS - Matei Zaharia
2010 EE - Alex Hegyi


2010 CS - Andrew Waterman
2011 EE - Rungrot Kitsomboonloha
2011 CS - Mohit Bansal
2012 EE - Siva Viswanathan Thyagarajan
2012 CS - Noah Johnson Walls
2013 EE - Christopher Lalau Keraly
2013 CS - Nitesh Mor
2014 EE - Garvit Juniwal
2014 CS - David Fifield and Virginia Smith
2015 EE - Antonio Puglielli
2015 CS - Marc Khoury
2016 EE - Hsiou-Yuan (Herbert) Liu
2016 CS - Rohin Shah, Chelsea Finn

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2016 Outstanding Course Development and Teaching Award

This award recognizes exemplary efforts of GSIs and uGSIs in not only teaching and developing content for new and/or re-architected courses, but in establishing the technological and cultural infrastructures necessary for the course to achieve its academic and learning goals. The award especially encourages recognition of outstanding groups of GSIs/uGSIs working as an effective team.


Claire Lochner
Adrien Pierre
Chenyang Yuan
CJ Geering
Daniel Aranki
Dan Calderone
Eddie Groshev
Ena Hariyoshi
Filip Maksimovic
Jaeduk Han
Jennifer Shih
Joe Corea
Joey Greenspun
Kene Akametalu
Leah Dickstein
Orhan Ocal
Paul Rigge
Preetum Nakkiran
Reia Cho
Stella Walla
Vidya Muthukumar
Nathaniel Mailoa
Vasuki Narasimha Swamy
Paroma Varma
Vikram Iyer
Emily Naviasky
Ben Keller
Saavan Patel

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C.V. Ramamoorthy Distinguished Research Award

This award was made possible by donations from the participants in the 1996 C.V. Ramamoorthy Workshop on Advances in Computer Science and Engineering, and continues to be supported through memorial contributions. The award can be made to any student based on outstanding contributions to a new research area in computer science and engineering.


1997 Krste Asanovic
1998 Hari Balakrishnan
1999 Richard Bukowski
2000 Andris Ambainis
2001 Jason Hill
2002 Scott Aaronson
2003 Sam Madden
2004 Mark Paskin and Dror Weitz
2005 Sumit Gulwani and Lakshminarayan Subramanian
2006 David M. Blei
2007 Manu Sridharan
2008 Armando Solar Lezama
2009 Jeffrey Heer


2010 Jonah Sherman
2011 Alexandre Stauffer and Jacob Burnim
2012 Grey Ballard
2013 Jonathan T. Barron
2014 John C. Duchi
2015 Paul Christiano
2016 John Schulman

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Sevin Rosen Funds Award for Innovation

The Sevin Rosen Funds Award for Innovation recognizes innovative technical achievement with potential for entrepreneurial success. This award was made possible by Sevin Rosen Funds in the spirit of supporting technical innovation and entrepreneurial success.  Sevin Rosen Funds is a venture capital firm which has consistently made early stage investments in pioneering technologies.  The Sevin Rosen Award for Innovation is awarded annually to an EECS graduate student based on outstanding technical achievement in a research area in computer sciences or electrical engineering.


2002 Anoop Sinha
2003 Brian Otis
2005 Andrew Carlson
2006 Steven E. Molesa
2007 David Garmire and Hyuck Choo
2008 David Molnar
2009 Norm Aleks


2010 Arash Jamshidi
2011 Pallavi Joshi and Michael Armbrust
2012 Kuang Chen
2013 Hanh Phuc Le
2014 Joseph Russell Corea
2015 Ryan Going
2016 Yunsup Lee, Andrew Waterman

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David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize

Established in memory of David J. Sakrison, who was a Faculty member and Chairman of EECS on the Berkeley campus at the time of his death. The award is made annually to a graduate student who has completed what is deemed by a faculty committee to be a truly outstanding piece of research. 

Award criteria:

  1. The research must be documented in full written form, e.g., a dissertation, journal article, etc.

  2. The research must have been conducted within the Department, under the supervision of a faculty member.

  3. The research must be truly innovative within its field.


1981 Ekachai Lelarasmee
1982 Ozalp Babaoglu and William Joy
1983 Manolis Katevenis and Robert Sherburne, Jr.
1984 Roger Howe
1985 Stephen Boyd
1987 Edward Lee
1988 Stephen H. Lewis
1989 Constance Chang Hasnain and Yu Chong Tai
1990 Richard Rudell and Albert Wang
1991 Carlos Mastrangelo
1992 Srinivasan Keshav and Rafael Saavedra-Barrera
1993 Orla Feely and Madhu Sudan
1994 William Lam
1995 Carlos Kirjner Neto
1996 Clement Wann
1997 Meng Hsiung Kiang and Michael Mitzenmacher
1998 Vern Paxson
1999 Da-shan Shiu


2000 Dennis Sylvester
2001 Kevin Bowers
2002 Yang-Kyu Choi
2003 Luca Daniel
2004 Rene Vidal
2005 Scott Aaronson and Ranjit Jhala
2006 Aaron B. Wagner and Boon Thau Loo
2007 Dejan Markovic and Lara Dolecek
2008 Krishnendu Chatterjee and Amir Salman Avestimehr
2009 Zhengya Zhang
2010 Libin Jiang
2011 Changho Suh
2012 Prateek Saxena
2013 Rehan Kapadia and Matei Zaharia
2014 Jonah Sherman and Edgar Solomonik
2015 Michael Eggleston, Peter Bailis
2016 Pierluigi Nuzzo, Justine Sherry

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The Samuel Silver Memorial Scholarship Award

Presented annually to an Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences student, either undergraduate or graduate, who best combines intellectual achievement in science and engineering (in the classroom or in research activities) with serious humanistic and cultural interests.  Previous recipients possessed outstanding accomplishments in music, art, or another area of the humanities.


1983 Greg Heinzinger
1984 Lester Ludwig
1985 Myra Boenke and Edward Lee
1986 Michael Cohen
1987 Erling Wold
1988 Marc Sabatella
1989 Leslie Field
1990 Charles Brooks
1991 Edward Scheckler
1992 Phyllis Chang and Seth Teller
1993 Matthew Wright
1994 Roger Doering
1995 Luat Vuong
1996 David Bailey
1997 Amar Chaudhary
1998 Jeff Bilmes
1999 Raymond Wang


2000 Michael Brudno
2001 Aaron Brown
2002 No award given.
2003 Holly Fait
2004 Umesh Shankar
2005 Forrest Brennen
2006 Lane M. Rettig
2007 Anand Sarwate
2008 Johnathan Ritzi
2009 Percy Liang
2010 Ernest Ting-Ta Yen
2011 Aditi Muralidharan
2012 Anuj Tewari
2013 Rebecca Pottenger
2014 Kristen Ann Woyach
2015 Fan Yang
2016 Mohini Bariya

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The Ross N. Tucker Memorial Award

The Tucker Award memorializes Dr. Ross N. Tucker, who contributed significantly to the advancement of the technology of materials used in semiconductor electronics. Dr. Tucker's research leadership at Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel and his personal contributions to the development of high-quality epitaxial deposition of thin layers of silicon, and to the understanding of the properties of thin films of polycrystalline silicon are of special significance. The award is given to recognize superior work and scholarship in the characterization, development and/or use of semiconductor, magnetic, optical or electronic materials by a graduate student or students pursuing such areas of inquiry at the University of California, Berkeley. Nominations are sought from faculty and graduate students in the Fall. Since 2003, the award recipient has been selected by a College of Engineering committee, on the basis of their field of study, interest in cultural activities and the ability to guide associates in work that advances the technologies and uses of semiconductor, magnetic, optical or electronic materials. The award is presented officially at the annual spring Metallurgical Society Northern California Electronics Materials Symposium and also as part of the EECS Student Awards ceremony when there is an EECS recipient. The award is given to a student currently enrolled for a graduate degree in the College or to a student who has submitted a Ph.D. thesis within six months of the award date. A similar memorial award has also been set up at Stanford University.

U.C. Berkeley Awardees

1977 Robert W. Westervelt, Physics
1978 Barry C. Chin, MSE
1979 Clifford Drawley, EECS
1982 Tzu-Yin Chiu, EECS
1984 Nancy Haegel, MSE
1985 Dennis Polla, EECS
1986 Mark Sherwin, Physics
1987 Ramamoorthy Ramesh, MSE
1988 Yu-Chong Tai, EECS
1989 Hing Wong, EECS
1990 Ken Khachaturyan, MSE
1991 Richard Ferguson, EECS
1992 John Wolk, Physics
1993 Gary Fedder, EECS
1994 David Aaron Botkin, Physics
1995 Charles R. Sullivan, EECS
1996 Yong Chen, MSE
1997 Chris Keller, EECS/MSE
1998 Timothy Brosnihan, EECS/ME
1999 Henry Hieslmair, MSE


2000 Danielle R. Chamberlin, MSE
2001 Yijian Chen, EECS
2002 Qiang Lu, EECS
2003 Junqiao Wu, MSE
2004 Pei-Cheng Ku, MSE
2005 Michael A. Scarpulla, MSE
2006 Josephine B. Chang, EECS
2007 No award given
2008 David Garmire
2010 Pratik Patel
2011 No Award Given
2012 Amit Lakhani
2013 No Award Given
2014 Michael Scott Eggleston and Thai Truong Du Tran
2015 No Award Given
2016 Seth A. Fortuna

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James Tullock Memorial Scholarship Award

The Tullock Scholarship was created in 2001 to provide support for EECS undergraduate and graduate students who are veterans of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. This scholarship honors Jim Tullock, who, after serving in submarine service with the U.S. Navy, graduated with a B.S.E.E. in 1964 and went on to work at Hughes Aircraft.


2002 Greg McIntyre
2004 Sean G. Harris
2005 not awarded
2006 Tyson Condie
2007 Joshua Eric Koche
2008 Numa Perez
2009 Numa Perez


2010 Barret Rhoden
2011 Barret Rhoden
2012 Kevin Porter
2013 Clinton Anderson
2014 Bradley Wheeler
2015 David Gordon Allen
2016 Michael McCoyd

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Mark D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship

The Weiser Scholarship was established in memory of distinguished computer scientist and innovator Mark D. Weiser, who is known as the "Father of Ubiquitous Computing." The scholarship provides merit-based funding for tuition to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in Computer Science.


2002 Meng Yu
2004 Chung Ming Wu
2007 No award given
2008 Louis Jong Wah Chan
2009 Akshay Krishnamurthy


2010 Stephen Miller
2011 Sameep Tandon
2012 Ziang Xie
2013 Jonathan Ho
2014 Nikita Kitaev
2015 Rohan Chitnis


2016 Nopphon Siranart

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