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Faculty Publications - Armando Fox

Selected Articles in journals or magazines

Selected Articles in conference proceedings

  • H. Cook, E. Gonina, S. Kamil, G. Friedland, D. A. Patterson, and A. Fox, "CUDA-level performance with python-level productivity for Gaussian mixture model applications," in Proceedings of the 3rd USENIX conference on Hot topic in parallelism, HotPar'11, Berkeley, CA, USA: USENIX Association, 2011, pp. 7--7.
  • B. C. Catanzaro, S. A. Kamil, Y. Lee, K. Asanović, J. Demmel, K. Keutzer, J. Shalf, K. A. Yelick, and A. Fox, "SEJITS: Getting productivity and performance with selective embedded JIT specialization," in Proceedings First Workshop on Programming Models for Emerging Architectures, 2009.
  • M. Armbrust, A. Fox, D. A. Patterson, N. Lanham, B. Trushkowsky, J. Trutna, and H. Oh, "SCADS: Scale-Independent Storage for Social Computing Applications," in CIDR, 2009.

Technical Reports

Masters Reports

  • O. Spillinger, D. Eliahu, A. Fox, and J. Demmel, "Matrix Multiplication Algorithm Selection with Support Vector Machines," 2013. [abstract]
  • D. Eliahu, O. Spillinger, A. Fox, and J. Demmel, "FRPA: A Framework for Recursive Parallel Algorithms," 2013. [abstract]