CS 176: Algorithms for Computational Biology (4 Units)
Fall 2013, UC Berkeley

Instructor : Prof. Yun S. Song (yss [at] eecs.berkeley.edu, 642-2211)
Office Hours : M 5-6, Th 12:30-1:30 (683 Soda)

GSI : Sara Sheehan (ssheehan [at] eecs.berkeley.edu)
Office Hours : Tu 3-4 (411 Soda); W 4-5 (651 Soda)

Lectures : TuTh 11:00-12:30, 3106 Etcheverry
Discussion section : W 2:00-3:00 or W 3:00-4:00, 405 Soda
Online Q&A : Piazzza Group

Important: Please do not send me e-mail about the course material if you think the answer will require more than two sentences. If you do send me e-mail, please include "CS 176" in subject line. Otherwise, your e-mail may get ignored.
Nov 14 Problem Set #5 is available.
Nov 20 Problem Set #6 is available.
Nov 23 An example for PS #5 with the correct output files is available.
Dec 2 Problems and solutions from Discussion #13 are online.
Dec 3 There will be a review session on Dec 11, 2-4pm, in 521 Cory Hall. You may bring 3 sheets (letter-size) of study note to the final exam. Genome rearrangement will not be on the final.
Dec 6 Problems and solutions for Discussion #14 are online.
Dec 13 Revised lecture note #13 is online.
Dec 13 Prof. Song will not hold office hours during the finals week.
Dec 14 Review problems for the final exam: [ Problems ]
Solutions to the review problems: [ Solutions ]

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