I am mainly interested in statistical inference, state estimation and control. Currently, I am working on state estimation for an ICU. The research consists of modelling intracranial brain dynamics and estimating patient states and parameters by using machine learning techniques such as particle filtering.

Related Coursework

  • CS281A: Statistical Learning Theory (Fall 11)
  • EE223: Stochastic Systems: Estimation and Control (Fall 11)
  • EE226: Random Processes in Systems (Fall 11)
  • EE225A: Digital Signal Processing (Spring 12)
  • MATH224A: Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences (Fall 12)
  • MATH224B: Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences (Spring 13)
  • EE226B: Applications of Stochastic Process Theory (Spring 13)

Project Reports

Yusuf B. Erol "Monte Carlo Solutions to Specific PDEs, " MATH224B (Spring 2013), UC Berkeley, pdf.