Xiaoye S. Li

Office at UCB:
531 Soda Hall #1776
Computer Science Division, EECS
UC Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720-1776
(510) 643-4205

Office at LBNL: Building 50F, Room 1612
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab
1 Cyclotron Rd, MS 50F
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 486-6684 (phone)
(510) 486-5548 (fax)


I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 1996. I was a student of Prof. James Demmel, working on high performance numerical linear algebra software. I now work at NERSC. I keep my updated information here.

Recent talks:

Parallel Supernodal Method for Sparse Gaussian Elimination (in postscript). Second SIAM Conference on Sparse Matrices, October 9 - 11, 1996, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. High Performance Sparse Gaussian Elimination.

Sparse Gaussian Elimination on High Performance Machines. Direct Methods Workshop, International Linear Algebra Year, Toulouse, France, September 29, 1995.

Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handling. 11th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, July 2, Windsor, Ontario, 1993.

Recent papers:

An Asynchronous Parallel Supernodal Algorithm for Sparse Gaussian Elimination. (with J. Demmel and J. Gilbert) SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., vol. 20(4), 915-952, 1999.

Sparse Gaussian Elimination on High Performance Computers. Ph.D. dissertation. Tech Report CSD-96-919, Computer Science, UC Berkeley, September 1996.

A Supernodal Approach to Sparse Partial Pivoting. (with J. Demmel, S. Eisenstat, J. Gilbert and J. Liu) SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., vol 20(3), 720-755, 1999.

Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handling. IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol.43, no.8, August 1994, 983-992. (with J. Demmel)

Data-level Parallel Solution of Min-cost Network Flow Problems Using Epsilon-relaxations . European Journal of Operational Research, vol.79(3), 22 Dec. 1994, 474-488. (with S. Zenios)


SuperLU (Version 2.0, 9/1/99) -- A library of routines in C to solve general sparse linear systems.

SuperLU_MT (Version 1.0, 9/1/99) -- multithreaded SuperLU for the SMPs.

CLAPACK -- Full set of LAPACK in C.

ieee_except -- The software associated with the paper "Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handling".

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