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7 GreenSlot: Scheduling Energy Consumption in Green Datacenters
7 Checkpointing strategies for parallel jobs
7 Evaluating the Viability of Process Replication Reliability for Exascale Systems
6 Enabling and Scaling Biomolecular Simulations of 100 Million Atoms on Petascale Machines with a Multicore-optimized Message-driven Runtime
6 Improving Communication Performance in Dense Linear Algebra via Topology Aware Collectives
5 Liszt: A Domain Specific Language for Building Portable Mesh-based PDE Solvers
5 Parallel Reduction to Condensed Forms for Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems using Aggregated Fine-Grained and Memory-Aware Kernels
5 Purlieus: Locality-aware Resource Allocation for MapReduce in a Cloud
5 Parallel Breadth-First Search on Distributed Memory Systems
4 Topology-aware data movement and staging for I/O acceleration on Blue Gene/P supercomputing systems
4 Reducing Electricity Cost Through Virtual Machine Placement in High Performance Computing Clouds
4 High-Efficiency Server Design
4 Modeling and Tolerating Heterogeneous Failures in Large Parallel Systems
4 SciHadoop: Array-based Query Processing in Hadoop
4 Scalable Stochastic Optimization of Complex Energy Systems
3 CudaDMA: Optimizing GPU Memory Bandwidth via Warp Specialization
3 Simplified Parallel Domain Traversal
3 Physis: An Implicitly Parallel Programming Model for Stencil Computations on Large-Scale GPU-Accelerated Supercomputers
3 Server-Side I/O Coordination for Parallel File Systems
3 A `Cool' Load Balancer for Parallel Applications
3 Parallel Random Numbers: As Easy as 1, 2, 3
3 Fast Implementation of DGEMM on Fermi GPU
3 SCMFS: A File System for Storage Class Memory
3 BlobCR: Efficient Checkpoint-Restart for HPC Applications on IaaS Clouds using Virtual Disk Image Snapshots
3 Sniper: Exploring the Level of Abstraction for Scalable and Accurate Parallel Multi-Core Simulation
3 Copernicus: A New Paradigm for Parallel Adaptive Molecular Dynamics
2 Optimizing Symmetric Dense Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPUs
2 Tiled QR factorization algorithms
2 Dymaxion: Optimizing Memory Access Patterns for Heterogeneous Systems
2 Peta-scale Phase-Field Simulation for Dendritic Solidification on the TSUBAME 2.0 Supercomputer
2 The IBM Blue Gene/Q Interconnection Network and Message Unit
2 I/O Streaming Evaluation of Batch Queries for Data-Intensive Computational Turbulence
2 Parallel Index and Query for Large Scale Data Analysis
2 Using the TOP500 to Trace and Project Technology and Architecture Trends
2 FTI: high performance Fault Tolerance Interface for hybrid systems
2 Scalable fast multipole methods on distributed heterogeneous architectures
2 A new Computational Paradigm in Multiscale Simulations: Application to Brain Blood Flow
2 System Implications of Memory Reliability in Exascale Computing
2 Multithreaded Global Address Space Communication Techniques for Gyrokinetic Fusion Applications on Ultra-Scale Platforms
2 Optimizing the Barnes-Hut Algorithm in UPC
2 Hardware, Software Co-design for Energy Efficient Seismic Modeling
1 GROPHECY: GPU Performance Projection from CPU Code Skeletons
1 QoS Support for End Users of I/O-intensive Applications using Shared Storage Systems
1 Gyrokinetic Toroidal Simulations on Leading Multi- and Manycore HPC Systems
1 Multi-Science Applications with Single Codebase - GAMER - for Massively Parallel Architectures
1 Optimized Pre-Copy Live Migration for Memory Intensive Applications
1 TRACON: Interference-Aware Scheduling for Data-Intensive Applications in Virtualized Environments
1 Flexible Resource Allocation for Reliable Virtual Cluster Computing Systems
1 Auto-Scaling to Minimize Cost and Meet Application Deadlines in Cloud Workflows
1 Large Scale Debugging of Parallel Tasks with AutomaDeD
1 Performance of the Community Earth System Model
1 On the Duality of Data-intensive File System Design: Reconciling HDFS and PVFS
1 Scalable Implementations of Accurate Excited-state Coupled Cluster Theories: Application of High-level Methods to Porphyrin-based Systems
0 Unitary Qubit Lattice Simulations of Multiscale Phenomena in Quantum Turbulence
0 An Image Compositing Solution at Scale
0 ISABELA-QA: Query-driven Data Analytics over ISABELA-compressed Extreme-Scale Scientific Data
0 Virtual I/O caching: dynamic storage cache management for concurrent workloads
0 Scalable Hashing for Shared Memory Supercomputers
0 An Early Performance Analysis of POWER7-IH HPC Systems
0 A Similarity Measure for Time, Frequency, and Dependencies in Large-Scale Workloads
0 Efficient Data Race Detection for Distributed Memory Parallel Programs
0 MAximum Multicore POwer (MAMPO) - An Automatic Multithreaded Synthetic Power Virus Generation Framework for Multicore Systems
0 Hadoop Acceleration Through Network Levitated Merge
0 Extracting Ultra-Scale Lattice Boltzmann Performance via Hierarchical and Distributed Auto-Tuning
0 Highly Scalable Ab Initio Genomic Motif Identification
0 A Distributed Look-up Architecture for Text Mining Applications using MapReduce
0 Parallelization Design for Multi-core Platforms in Density Matrix Renormalization Group toward 2-D Quantum Strongly-correlated Systems
0 A Scalable Eigensolver for Large Scale-Free Graphs Using 2D Partitioning
0 High-Performance Lattice QCD for Multi-core Based Parallel Systems Using a Cache-Friendly Hybrid Threaded-MPI Approach
0 Scaling Lattice QCD beyond 100 GPUs
0 End-to-End Network QoS via Scheduling of Flexible Resource Reservation Requests
0 Large Scale Plane Wave Pseudopotential Density Functional Theory Calculations on GPU Clusters
0 Avoiding hot-spots on two-level direct networks
0 A Fast Solver for Modeling the Evolution of Virus Populations