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359 The Globus Striped GridFTP Framework and Server
189 LU-GPU: Efficient Algorithms for Solving Dense Linear Systems on Graphics Hardware
153 A Power-Aware Run-Time System for High-Performance Computing
121 Differential Deserialization for Optimized SOAP Performance
111 Performance-constrained Distributed DVS Scheduling for Scientific Applications on Power-aware Clusters
93 ClawHMMER: A Streaming HMMer-Search Implementation
91 VSched: Mixing Batch And Interactive Virtual Machines Using Periodic Real-time Scheduling
81 A Scalable Distributed Parallel Breadth-First Search Algorithm on BlueGene/L
81 Just In Time Dynamic Voltage Scaling: Exploiting Inter-Node Slack to Save Energy in MPI Programs
74 Transparent, Incremental Checkpointing at Kernel Level: a Foundation for Fault Tolerance for Parallel Computers
69 On the Feasibility of Optical Circuit Switching for High Performance Computing Systems
65 A Benchmark Suite for SOAP-based Communication in Grid Web Services
65 High Performance Linear Algebra Operations on Reconfigurable Systems
65 Profitable services in an uncertain world
56 PerfExplorer: A Performance Data Mining Framework For Large-Scale Parallel Computing
54 FreeLoader: Scavenging Desktop Storage Resources for Scientific Data
50 Analyzing Ultra-Scale Application Communication Requirements for a Reconfigurable Hybrid Interconnect
50 Cross-Platform Performance Prediction of Parallel Applications Using Partial Execution
48 DI-GRUBER: A Distributed Approach to Grid Resource Brokering
47 GLARE: A Grid Activity Registration, Deployment and Provisioning Framework
47 Parallel Programmer Productivity: A Case Study of Novice Parallel Programmers
46 Transformations to Parallel Codes for Communication-Computation Overlap
45 Leading Computational Methods on Scalar and Vector HEC Platforms
40 Quantifying Locality In The Memory Access Patterns of HPC Applications
38 Large-Scale First-Principles Molecular Dynamics simulations on the BlueGene/L Platform using the Qbox code
35 Genome-Scale Computational Approaches to Memory-Intensive Applications in Systems Biology
35 How Well Can Simple Metrics Represent the Performance of HPC Applications?
34 High Resolution Aerospace Applications using the NASA Columbia Supercomputer
32 Making Sequential Consistency Practical in Titanium
31 Intelligent Feature Extraction and Tracking for Visualizing Large-Scale 4D Flow Simulations
30 Automatic Tuning of Inlining Heuristics
30 Balanced Multicasting: High-throughput Communication for Grid Applications
29 Partitioning Hardware and Software for Reconfigurable Supercomputing Applications: A Case Study
29 Scalable Parallel Octree Meshing for TeraScale Applications
28 Separating Abstractions from Resources in a Tactical Storage System
27 Dynamic Data-Driven Inversion For Terascale Simulations: Real-Time Identification Of Airborne Contaminants
27 Is 1.7 x 10^10 Unknowns the Largest Finite Element System that Can Be Solved Today
27 Viable opto-electronic HPC interconnect fabrics
26 An Application-Based Performance Characterization of the Columbia Supercluster
26 Design and Implementation of Multiple Fault-Tolerant MPI over Myrinet (M^3)
26 SCTP versus TCP for MPI
25 Parallel Parameter Tuning for Applications with Performance Variability
25 Supporting Configurable Congestion Control in Data Transport Services
20 Massive High-Performance Global File Systems for Grid computing
18 Integrating Database Technology with Comparison-based Parallel Performance Diagnosis: The PerfTrack Performance Experiment Management Tool
18 Tera-Scalable Algorithms for Variable-Density Elliptic Hydrodynamics with Spectral Accuracy
17 Apex-Map: A Global Data Access Benchmark to Analyze HPC Systems and Parallel Programming Paradigms
17 MegaProto: 1 TFlops/10kW Rack Is Feasible Even with Only Commodity Technology
16 Optimizing All-to-All Collective Communication by Exploiting Concurrency in Modern Networks
15 Multilevel Parallelism in Computational Chemistry using Common Component Architecture and Global Arrays
14 SPICE: Simulated Pore Interactive Computing Environment
13 16.447 TFlops and 159-Billion-dimensional Exact-diagonalization for Trapped Fermion-Hubbard Model on the Earth Simulator
13 Fault Tolerance Techniques for the Merrimac Streaming Supercomputer
13 Real Time Change Detection and Alerts from Highway Traffic Data
12 An Adaptive Visual Analytics Platform for Mobile Devices
11 Full Electron Calculation Beyond 20, 000 Atoms: Ground Electronic State of Photosynthetic Proteins
10 Bridging the Macro and Micro: A Computing Intensive Earthquake Study Using Discovery Net
9 Identity Boxing: A New Technique for Consistent Global Identity
9 Optimized Data Loading for a Multi-Terabyte Sky Survey Repository
9 Using Dynamic Tracing Sampling to Measure Long Running Programs
8 Integrated Loop Optimizations for Data Locality Enhancement of Tensor Contraction Expressions
8 Network Traffic Analysis With Query Driven Visualization SC 2005 HPC Analytics Results
8 Performance Modeling and Tuning Strategies of Mixed Mode Collective Communications
7 Alternative Software Stacks for OGSA-based Grids
6 Terascale music mining
6 The MHETA Execution Model for Heterogeneous Clusters
3 Scheduling speculative tasks in a compute farm
2 Calibrating quantum chemistry: A multi-teraflop, parallel-vector, full-configuration interaction program for the Cray-X1
0 Visualization of Large-Scale Unsteady Computational Fluid Dynamics Datasets