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ISCA1110090807 0605040302
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HPCA1110090807 0605040302

293 GPU Cluster for High Performance Computing
195 The Panasas ActiveScale Storage Cluster - Delivering Scalable High Bandwidth Storage
193 VMPlants: Providing and Managing Virtual Machine Execution Environments for Grid Computing
114 A Peer-to-Peer Replica Location Service Based on a Distributed Hash Table
112 Dynamic Metadata Management for Petabyte-Scale File Systems
95 Resource Management for Rapid Application Turnaround on Enterprise Desktop Grids
81 Scientific Computations on Modern Parallel Vector Systems
65 The Inca Test Harness and Reporting Framework
63 Performance Evaluation of Parallel Large-Scale Lattice Boltzmann Applications on Three Supercomputing Architectures
61 Ultrascalable Implicit Finite Element Analyses in Solid Mechanics with over a Half a Billion Degrees of Freedom
58 Building Multirail InfiniBand Clusters: MPI-Level Design and Performance Evaluation
55 Realistic Modeling and Svnthesis of Resources for Computational Grids
54 A Performance and Scalability Analysis of the BlueGene/L Architecture
51 Experiences in Design and Implementation of a High Performance Transport Protocol
51 Implementation and Evaluation of a Scalable Application-Level Checkpoint-Recovery Scheme for MPI Programs
46 A High Performance Java Middleware with a Real Application
46 A Parallel Visualization Pipeline for Terascale Earthquake Simulations
42 Kosha: A Peer-to-Peer Enhancement for the Network File System
42 A Self-Organizing Storage Cluster for Parallel Data-Intensive Applications
41 Scalable Line Dynamics in ParaDiS
38 Realistic Large-Scale Online Network Simulation
37 Improving Throughput for Grid Applications with Network Logistics
36 Unlocking the Performance of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer
34 Analysis and Performance Results of a Molecular Modeling Application on Merrimac
33 Optimal File-Bundle Caching Algorithms for Data-Grids
29 Automatic Distribution of Rendering Workloads in a Grid Enabled Collaborative Visualization Environment
29 A Geometric Programming Framework for Optimal Multi-Level Tiling
29 Inter-Layer Coordination for Parallel TCP Streams on Long Fat Pipe Networks
29 Using Hardware Counters to Automatically Improve Memory Performance
26 Assessing Fault Sensitivity in MPI Applications
25 Runtime Compression of MPI Messanes to Improve the Performance and Scalability of Parallel Applications
23 Toward Flexible Messaging for SOAP-Based Services
23 A 15.2 TFlops Simulation of Geodynamo on the Earth Simulator
22 Using Information from Prior Runs to Improve Automated Tuning Systems
21 Towards a Systematic, Pragmatic and Architecture-Aware Program Optimization Process for Complex Processors
20 VIRACOCHA: An Efficient Parallelization Framework for Large-Scale CFD Post-Processing in Virtual Environments
19 Coscheduling in Clusters: Is It a Viable Alternative?
19 GYRO: A 5-D Gyrokinetic-Maxwell Solver
18 Rating Compiler Optimizations for Automatic Performance Tuning
16 Performance Evaluation of Task Pools Based on Hardware Synchronization
15 A Computational Database System for Generatinn Unstructured Hexahedral Meshes with Billions of Elements
14 Data Centric Cache Measurement on the Intel ltanium 2 Processor
13 QCDOC: A 10 Teraflops Computer for Tightly-Coupled Calculations
12 Analysis and Modeling of Advanced PIM Architecture Design Tradeoffs
12 Predicting and Evaluating Distributed Communication Performance
11 RPC-V: Toward Fault-Tolerant RPC for Internet Connected Desktop Grids with Volatile Nodes
11 Will Moore's Law Be Sufficient?
9 Performance Tool Support for MPI-2 on Linux
8 Early Experience with Aerospace CFD at JAXA on the Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER HPC2500
8 The Potential of Computation Regrouping for Improving Locality
8 Language and Compiler Support for Adaptive Applications
8 Collaborative User-Centric Lambda-Grid over Wavelength-Routed Network
8 A Parallel Implementation of 4-Dimensional Haralick Texture Analysis for Disk-Resident Image Datasets
7 Optimal Blade System Design of a New Concept VTOL Vehicle Using the Departmental Computing Grid System
6 Big Wins with Small Application-Aware Caches
3 Supporting Cluster-Based Network Services on Functionally Symmetric Software Architecture
1 Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Proiectiles with Flow Control
0 Modernizing Existing Software: A Case Study
0 Fastpath Optimizations for Cluster Recovery in Shared-Disk Systems