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PPoPP1110090807 060503
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IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
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287 Merrimac: Supercomputing with Streams
273 The Case of the Missing Supercomputer Performance: Achieving Optimal Performance on the 8, 192 Processors of ASCI Q
208 A Metadata Catalog Service for Data Intensive Applications
158 Conservative Scheduling: Using Predicted Variance to Improve Scheduling Decisions in Dynamic Environments
155 MPICH-V2: a Fault Tolerant MPI for Volatile Nodes based on Pessimistic Sender Based Message Logging
153 Parallel netCDF: A High-Performance Scientific I/O Interface
131 Performance Comparison of MPI Implementations over InfiniBand, Myrinet and Quadrics
125 A Self-Organizing Flock of Condors
119 High Resolution Forward And Inverse Earthquake Modeling on Terascale Computers
118 MRNet: A Software-Based Multicast/Reduction Network for Scalable Tools
92 Job Superscheduler Architecture and Performance in Computational Grid Environments
73 Protein Explorer: A Petaflops Special-Purpose Computer System for Molecular Dynamics Simulations
68 Improving the Scalability of Parallel Jobs by adding Parallel Awareness to the Operating System
64 A 14.6 billion degrees of freedom, 5 teraflops, 2.5 terabyte earthquake simulation on the Earth Simulator
64 GridSAT: A Chaff-based Distributed SAT Solver for the Grid
56 Optimizing 10-Gigabit Ethernet for Networks of Workstations, Clusters, and Grids: A Case Study
52 Efficient, Unified, and Scalable Performance Monitoring for Multiprocessor Operating Systems
47 Synthesizing Realistic Computational Grids
47 Early Evaluation of the Cray X1
47 Scalable NIC-based Reduction on Large-scale Clusters
45 Traffic-based Load Balance for Scalable Network Emulation
40 Memory Profiling using Hardware Counters
40 Evaluation of Cache-based Superscalar and Cacheless Vector Architectures for Scientific Computations
35 ParADE: An OpenMP Programming Environment for SMP Cluster Systems
35 Grid-Based Parallel Data Streaming implemented for the Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code
32 The Livny and Plank-Beck Problems: Studies in Data Movement on the Computational Grid
32 Grid-Based Galaxy Morphology Analysis for the National Virtual Observatory
31 Parallel Iterative Solvers of GeoFEM with Selective Blocking Preconditioning for Nonlinear Contact Problems on the Earth Simulator
29 A New Parallel Kernel-Independent Fast Multipole Method
28 An Evaluation of a Framework for the Dynamic Load Balancing of Highly Adaptive and Irregular Parallel Applications
24 Automatic Type-Driven Library Generation for Telescoping Languages
23 Visualizing Very Large-Scale Earthquake Simulations
23 Identifying and Exploiting Spatial Regularity in Data Memory References
21 Early Experience with Scientific Programs on the Cray MTA-2
21 BCS-MPI: A New Approach in the System Software Design for Large-Scale Parallel Computers
20 Remote Visualization by Browsing Image Based Databases with Logistical Networking
20 Enabling the Efficient Use of SMP Clusters: The GAMESS/DDI Model
19 Nondeterministic Queries in a Relational Grid Information Service
18 Compiler Support for Exploiting Coarse-Grained Pipelined Parallelism
18 HPC.NET - are CLI-based Virtual Machines Suitable for High Performance Computing?
18 An Efficient Data Location Protocol for Self.organizing Storage Clusters
17 Hierarchical Dynamics, Interarrival Times, and Performance
16 Performance evaluation and tuning of GRAPE-6 - towards 40 "real" Tflops
16 Fast Parallel Non-Contiguous File Access
14 Handling Heterogeneity in Shared-Disk File Systems
14 IPSAP: A High-performance Parallel Finite Element Code for Large-scale Structural Analysis Based on Domain-wise Multifrontal Technique
14 Scalable Hardware-Based Multicast Trees
14 Multi-Constraint Mesh Partitioning for Contact/Impact Computations
13 Application Steering in a Collaborative Environment
11 Optimizing Reduction Computations In a Distributed Environment
11 Applications of Algebraic Multigrid to Large-Scale Finite Element Analysis of Whole Bone Micro-Mechanics on the IBM SP
10 Dyn-MPI: Supporting MPI on Non Dedicated Clusters
10 The Tool Dæmon Protocol (TDP)
8 A Million-Fold Speed Improvement in Genomic Repeats Detection
8 A Configurable Network Protocol for Cluster Based Communications using Modular Hardware Primitives on an Intelligent NIC
7 Parallel Multilevel Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners in Large Sparse Matrix Computations
4 Quantifying and Improving the Availability of High-Performance Cluster-Based Internet Services
3 SCALLOP: A Highly Scalable Parallel Poisson Solver in Three Dimensions
3 Parallel Particle-In-Cell Simulation of Colliding Beams in High Energy Accelerators
2 The Space Simulator: Modeling the Universe from Supernovae to Cosmology
1 A Compiler Analysis of Interprocedural Data Communication
1 Communities Collaborating to Bridge the Digital Divide: The Tribal Virtual Network