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PPoPP1110090807 060503
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IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
ASPLOS11100908 060402
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414 Giggle: a framework for constructing scalable replica location services
372 An overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer
277 MPICH-V: toward a scalable fault tolerant MPI for volatile nodes
231 Massive arrays of idle disks for storage archives
195 NAMD: biomolecular simulation on thousands of processors
161 A framework for performance modeling and prediction
133 Active harmony: towards automated performance tuning
108 ICENI: an open grid service architecture implemented with Jini
103 16.4-Tflops direct numerical simulation of turbulence by a Fourier spectral method on the Earth Simulator
102 The Web Service Discovery Architecture
96 Performance optimizations and bounds for sparse matrix-vector multiply
95 A 26.58 Tflops global atmospheric simulation with the spectral transform method on the Earth Simulator
86 Applying Chimera virtual data concepts to cluster finding in the Sloan Sky Survey
79 SIGMA: a simulator infrastructure to guide memory analysis
75 UPC performance and potential: a NPB experimental study
73 Multivariate resource performance forecasting in the network weather service
73 High-density computing: a 240-processor Beowulf in one cubic meter
73 A decoupled scheduling approach for the GrADS program development environment
70 A TCP tuning daemon
66 The effects of systemic packet loss on aggregate TCP flows
64 Parallel multiscale Gauss-Newton-Krylov methods for inverse wave propagation
64 Owner prediction for accelerating cache-to-cache transfer misses in a cc-NUMA architecture
63 STORM: lightning-fast resource management
61 Interoperable Web services for computational portals
58 Scalable analysis techniques for microprocessor performance counter metrics
56 Executing multiple pipelined data analysis operations in the grid
53 An empirical performance evaluation of scalable scientific applications
51 Implementing the MPI process topology mechanism
50 SmartPointers: personalized scientific data portals in your hand
46 Salinas: a scalable software for high-performance structural and solid mechanics simulations
45 A high-level approach to synthesis of high-performance codes for quantum chemistry
45 14.9 TFLOPS three-dimensional fluid simulation for fusion science with HPF on the Earth Simulator
44 Asserting performance expectations
36 Gilgamesh: a multithreaded processor-in-memory architecture for petaflops computing
36 Active Proxy-G: optimizing the query execution process in the grid
34 Better tiling and array contraction for compiling scientific programs
32 Disk cache replacement algorithm for storage resource managers in data grids
28 Compact application signatures for parallel and distributed scientific codes
28 Advanced visualization technology for terascale particle accelerator simulations
28 A scalable parallel fast multipole method for analysis of scattering from perfect electrically conducting surfaces
27 Ultra-high performance communication with MPI and the Sun fireTM link interconnect
25 Scalable directory services using proactivity
24 Data Reservoir: utilization of multi-gigabit backbone network for data-intensive research
24 Accelerating parallel maximum likelihood-based phylogenetic tree calculations using subtree equality vectors
23 Monitoring data archives for grid environments
23 Library support for hierarchical multi-processor tasks
23 Improving route lookup performance using network processor cache
22 On increasing architecture awareness in program optimizations to bridge the gap between peak and sustained processor performance: matrix-multiply revisited
21 MPI and OpenMP paradigms on cluster of SMP architectures: the vacancy tracking algorithm for multi-dimensional array transposition
21 Implementation and evaluation of a QoS-capable cluster-based IP router
20 Merging multiple data streams on common keys over high performance networks
20 Efficient synchronization for nonuniform communication architectures
18 A 29.5 Tflops simulation of planetesimals in Uranus-Neptune region on GRAPE-6
17 SMP system interconnect instrumentation for performance analysis
16 QMView and GAMESS: integration into the world wide computational grid
15 Dual-level parallelism for deterministic and stochastic CFD problems
13 The Proteus multiprotocol message library
13 Separated high-bandwidth and low-latency communication in the cluster interconnect Clint
11 Collaborative simulation grid: multiscale quantum-mechanical/classical atomistic simulations on distributed PC clusters in the US and Japan
10 Early evaluation of the IBM p690
9 Pipelined scheduling of tiled nested loops onto clusters of SMPs using memory mapped network interfaces
9 A new scheduling algorithm for parallel sparse LU factorization with static pivoting
8 A new data-mapping scheme for latency-tolerant distributed sparse triangular solution
4 Scaling the unscalable: a case study on the AlphaServer SC
3 Utilization of departmental computing GRID system for development of an artificial intelligent tapping inspection method, tapping sound analysis
3 Distributed dynamic hash tables using IBM LAPI
2 High performance computing meets experimental mathematics