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443 Optimization principles and application performance evaluation of a multithreaded GPU using CUDA
181 Dynamic performance tuning of word-based software transactional memory
156 On the correctness of transactional memory
98 Transactional boosting: a methodology for highly-concurrent transactional objects
91 Software transactional memory for large scale clusters
68 Automatic data movement and computation mapping for multi-level parallel architectures with explicitly managed memories
63 FastForward for efficient pipeline parallelism: a cache-optimized concurrent lock-free queue
47 ZOID: I/O-forwarding infrastructure for petascale architectures
43 SuperMatrix: a multithreaded runtime scheduling system for algorithms-by-blocks
34 Massive parallel LDPC decoding on GPU
29 Modeling optimistic concurrency using quantitative dependence analysis
28 Nested parallelism in transactional memory
27 Performance without pain = productivity: data layout and collective communication in UPC
25 A portable runtime interface for multi-level memory hierarchies
24 Toward high performance nonblocking software transactional memory
23 Programming with tiles
23 Design and implementation of a high-performance MPI for C# and the common language infrastructure
19 Split hardware transactions: true nesting of transactions using best-effort hardware transactional memory
14 Quasi-static scheduling for safe futures
14 Matrix product on heterogeneous master-worker platforms
11 Scalable packet classification using interpreting: a cross-platform multi-core solution
10 Type inference for locality analysis of distributed data structures
10 High performance dense linear algebra on a spatially distributed processor
5 Concurrent GC leveraging transactional memory
4 A case study in SIMD text processing with parallel bit streams: UTF-8 to UTF-16 transcoding