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106 Open nesting in software transactional memory
84 Compilation for explicitly managed memory hierarchies
70 Dynamic multigrain parallelization on the cell broadband engine
69 Implicit parallelism with ordered transactions
60 Methods of inference and learning for performance modeling of parallel applications
58 A theory of memory models
46 Adaptive work stealing with parallelism feedback
36 Speculative thread decomposition through empirical optimization
33 Transactional collection classes
31 Self-adaptive applications on the grid
27 Toward terabyte pattern mining: an architecture-conscious solution
27 May-happen-in-parallel analysis of X10 programs
24 Disens: scalable distributed sensor network simulation
24 Tight analysis of the performance potential of thread speculation using spec CPU 2006
22 Expressing and exploiting concurrency in networked applications with aspen
17 Reordering constraints for pthread-style locks
16 Barrier matching for programs with textually unaligned barriers
13 Automatic mapping of nested loops to FPGAS
9 The Z-polyhedral model
7 On using connection-oriented vs. connection-less transport for performance and scalability of collective and one-sided operations: trade-offs and impact
6 Optimizing communication overlap for high-speed networks
2 Using fine grain multithreading for energy efficient computing