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35 Dark Silicon and the End of Multicore Scaling
23 Power Management of Online Data-Intensive Services
14 The Impact of Memory Subsystem Resource Sharing on Datacenter Applications
9 Prefetch-Aware Shared Resource Management for Multi-Core Systems
9 Benefits and Limitations of Tapping into Stored Energy For Datacenters
9 The Role of Optics in Future High Radix Switch Design
8 Exploring the Tradeoffs between Programmability and Efficiency in Data-Parallel Accelerators
8 Scalable Power Control for Many-Core Architectures Running Multi-threaded Applications
7 FabScalar: Composing Synthesizable RTL Designs of Arbitrary Cores within a Canonical Superscalar Template
7 Energy-efficient Mechanisms for Managing Thread Context in Throughput Processors
6 A Case for Heterogeneous On-Chip Interconnects for CMPs
6 Combining Memory and a Controller with Photonics through 3D-Stacking to Enable Scalable and Energy-Efficient Systems
5 Vantage: Scalable and Efficient Fine-Grain Cache Partitioning
5 Increasing the Effectiveness of Directory Caches by Deactivating Coherence for Private Memory Blocks
5 OUTRIDER: Efficient Memory Latency Tolerance with Decoupled Strands
5 Demand-Driven Software Race Detection using Hardware Performance Counters
5 Crafting a Usable Microkernel Processor and I/O System with Strict and Provable Information Flow Security
5 SRAM-DRAM Hybrid Memory with Applications to Efficient Register Files in Fine-Grained Multi-Threading Architectures
5 Rapid Identification of Architectural Bottlenecks via Precise Event Counting
4 Architecting On-Chip Interconnects for Stacked 3D STT-RAM Caches in CMPs
4 TLSync: Support for Multiple Fast Barriers Using On-Chip Transmission Lines
4 Kilo-NOC: A Heterogeneous Network-on-Chip Architecture for Scalability and Service Guarantees
4 DBAR: An Efficient Routing Algorithm to Support Multiple Concurrent Applications in Networks-on-Chip
3 FlexBulk: Intelligently Forming Atomic Blocks in Blocked-Execution Multiprocessors to Minimize Squashes
3 Sampling + DMR: Practical and Low-overhead Permanent Fault Detection
3 Adaptive Granularity Memory Systems: A Tradeoff between Storage Efficiency and Throughput
3 Fighting Fire with Fire: Modeling the Datacenter-Scale Effects of Targeted Superlattice Thermal Management
2 Virtualizing Performance Asymmetric Multi-core Systems
2 Rebound: Scalable Checkpointing for Coherent Shared Memory
2 CPPC: Correctable Parity Protected Cache
2 An Abacus Turn Model for Time/Space-Efficient Reconfigurable Routing
2 A Case for Globally Shared-Medium On-Chip Interconnect
2 SpecTLB: A Mechanism for Speculative Address Translation
1 Automatic Abstraction and Fault Tolerance in Cortical Microarchitectures
1 Bypass and Insertion Algorithms for Exclusive Last-level Caches
1 i-NVMM: A Secure Non-Volatile Main Memory System with Incremental Encryption
1 Releasing Efficient Beta Cores Early to Market
0 CRIB: Consolidated Rename, Issue, and Bypass
0 Moguls: a model to explore the memory hierarchy for bandwidth improvements
0 Energy-Efficient Cache Design Using Variable-Strength Error-Correcting Codes