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134 Debunking the 100X GPU vs CPU myth: an evaluation of throughput computing on CPU and GPU
50 An integrated GPU power and performance model
48 Understanding sources of inefficiency in general-purpose chips
41 High performance cache replacement using re-reference interval prediction (RRIP)
33 Web search using mobile cores: quantifying and mitigating the price of efficiency
33 Energy proportional datacenter networks
33 NoHype: virtualized cloud infrastructure without the virtualization
32 Rethinking DRAM design and organization for energy-constrained multi-cores
27 Security refresh: prevent malicious wear-out and increase durability for phase-change memory with dynamically randomized address mapping
24 Dynamic warp subdivision for integrated branch and memory divergence tolerance
23 Use ECP, not ECC, for hard failures in resistive memories
22 Conflict exceptions: simplifying concurrent language semantics with precise hardware exceptions for data-races
20 An intra-chip free-space optical interconnect
20 Re-architecting DRAM memory systems with monolithically integrated silicon photonics
20 Morphable memory system: a robust architecture for exploiting multi-level phase change memories
20 Resistive computation: avoiding the power wall with low-leakage, STT-MRAM based computing
20 Relax: an architectural framework for software recovery of hardware faults
19 Aérgia: exploiting packet latency slack in on-chip networks
19 A case for FAME: FPGA architecture model execution
19 The impact of management operations on the virtualized datacenter
18 Energy-performance tradeoffs in processor architecture and circuit design: a marginal cost analysis
17 Evolution of thread-level parallelism in desktop applications
17 Modeling critical sections in Amdahl's law and its implications for multicore design
16 Elastic cooperative caching: an autonomous dynamically adaptive memory hierarchy for chip multiprocessors
15 Silicon-photonic network architectures for scalable, power-efficient multi-chip systems
14 Reducing cache power with low-cost, multi-bit error-correcting codes
13 ColorSafe: architectural support for debugging and dynamically avoiding multi-variable atomicity violations
12 SieveStore: a highly-selective, ensemble-level disk cache for cost-performance
12 RETCON: transactional repair without replay
10 WiDGET: Wisconsin decoupled grid execution tiles
9 The virtual write queue: coordinating DRAM and last-level cache policies
9 Data marshaling for multi-core architectures
7 Translation caching: skip, don't walk (the page table)
6 Forwardflow: a scalable core for power-constrained CMPs
6 LReplay: a pending period based deterministic replay scheme
6 Necromancer: enhancing system throughput by animating dead cores
5 Timetraveler: exploiting acyclic races for optimizing memory race recording
5 Thread tailor: dynamically weaving threads together for efficient, adaptive parallel applications
5 Cohesion: a hybrid memory model for accelerators
5 Using hardware vulnerability factors to enhance AVF analysis
4 A dynamically configurable coprocessor for convolutional neural networks
4 Leveraging the core-level complementary effects of PVT variations to reduce timing emergencies in multi-core processors
1 Sentry: light-weight auxiliary memory access control
0 IVEC: off-chip memory integrity protection for both security and reliability