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HPCA1110090807 0605040302

16 Singlehop Collaborative Feedback Primitives for Threshold Querying in Wireless Sensor Networks
16 QR Factorization on a Multicore Node Enhanced with Multiple GPU Accelerators
13 Two-Stage Tridiagonal Reduction for Dense Symmetric Matrices Using Tile Algorithms on Multicore Architectures
12 PHAST: Hardware-Accelerated Shortest Path Trees
10 PATUS: A Code Generation and Autotuning Framework for Parallel Iterative Stencil Computations on Modern Microarchitectures
10 Uncoordinated Checkpointing Without Domino Effect for Send-Deterministic MPI Applications
10 Multi-GPU MapReduce on GPU Clusters
9 Challenges of Scaling Algebraic Multigrid Across Modern Multicore Architectures
9 A Study of Parallel Particle Tracing for Steady-State and Time-Varying Flow Fields
8 Hauberk: Lightweight Silent Data Corruption Error Detector for GPGPU
8 Graph Partitioning with Natural Cuts
6 Communication-Avoiding QR Decomposition for GPUs
6 CATCH: A Cloud-Based Adaptive Data Transfer Service for HPC
5 Willow: A Control System for Energy and Thermal Adaptive Computing
5 Measuring Temporal Lags in Delay-Tolerant Networks
5 Automatic Library Generation for BLAS3 on GPUs
5 Power Token Balancing: Adapting CMPs to Power Constraints for Parallel Multithreaded Workloads
5 Adding a Referee to an Interconnection Network: What Can(not) Be Computed in One Round
5 An Auto-tuned Method for Solving Large Tridiagonal Systems on the GPU
4 Iso-Energy-Efficiency: An Approach to Power-Constrained Parallel Computation
4 Single Node On-Line Simulation of MPI Applications with SMPI
4 X10 as a Parallel Language for Scientific Computation: Practice and Experience
4 DryadOpt: Branch-and-Bound on Distributed Data-Parallel Execution Engines
3 Minimum Cost Resource Allocation for Meeting Job Requirements
3 Overlapping Computation and Communication for Advection on Hybrid Parallel Computers
3 On Nonblocking Folded-Clos Networks in Computer Communication Environments
3 A Lightweight Method for Automated Design of Convergence
3 Distributed Fine-Grained Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
3 Design of MILC Lattice QCD Application for GPU Clusters
3 Automated Architecture-Aware Mapping of Streaming Applications Onto GPUs
3 Computing Strongly Connected Components in Parallel on CUDA
3 A New Data Layout for Set Intersection on GPUs
3 Reduced-Bandwidth Multithreaded Algorithms for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication
3 Using Shared Memory to Accelerate MapReduce on Graphics Processing Units
3 Co-analysis of RAS Log and Job Log on Blue Gene/P
3 CheCL: Transparent Checkpointing and Process Migration of OpenCL Applications
3 Communication Optimizations for Distributed-Memory X10 Programs
3 A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Inverted Files on Heterogeneous Platforms
2 Power-Aware Replica Placement and Update Strategies in Tree Networks
2 Architectural Constraints to Attain 1 Exaflop/s for Three Scientific Application Classes
2 Snap-Stabilizing Committee Coordination
2 A Practical Approach for Performance Analysis of Shared-Memory Programs
2 Moving the Code to the Data - Dynamic Code Deployment Using ActiveSpaces
2 LACIO: A New Collective I/O Strategy for Parallel I/O Systems
2 A Quantitative Analysis of OS Noise
2 GLocks: Efficient Support for Highly-Contended Locks in Many-Core CMPs
2 Profiling Heterogeneous Multi-GPU Systems to Accelerate Cortically Inspired Learning Algorithms
2 Model-Driven SIMD Code Generation for a Multi-resolution Tensor Kernel
2 Tight Analysis of Relaxed Multi-organization Scheduling Algorithms
1 Exploiting Data Similarity to Reduce Memory Footprints
1 vFtree - A Fat-Tree Routing Algorithm Using Virtual Lanes to Alleviate Congestion
1 SC-OA: A Secure and Efficient Scheme for Origin Authentication of Interdomain Routing in Cloud Computing Networks
1 Completely Distributed Particle Filters for Target Tracking in Sensor Networks
1 Hardware-Based Job Queue Management for Manycore Architectures and OpenMP Environments
1 HK-NUCA: Boosting Data Searches in Dynamic Non-Uniform Cache Architectures for Chip Multiprocessors
1 Variable Granularity Access Tracking Scheme for Improving the Performance of Software Transactional Memory
1 The Weighted Byzantine Agreement Problem
1 On Optimal Tree Traversals for Sparse Matrix Factorization
1 Critical Bubble Scheme: An Efficient Implementation of Globally Aware Network Flow Control
1 RDMA Capable iWARP over Datagrams
1 Partitioning Spatially Located Computations Using Rectangles
1 Reducing Fragmentation on Torus-Connected Supercomputers
1 Online Adaptive Code Generation and Tuning
1 A Communication-Avoiding, Hybrid-Parallel, Rank-Revealing Orthogonalization Method
1 Scheduling Parallel Iterative Applications on Volatile Resources
1 The Impact of Soft Resource Allocation on n-Tier Application Scalability
1 Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the HPC Challenge Benchmarks in Coarray Fortran 2.0
1 Parallel Metagenomic Sequence Clustering Via Sketching and Maximal Quasi-clique Enumeration on Map-Reduce Clouds
1 CABdedupe: A Causality-Based Deduplication Performance Booster for Cloud Backup Services
0 Power and Performance Management in Priority-Type Cluster Computing Systems
0 VisIO: Enabling Interactive Visualization of Ultra-Scale, Time Series Data via High-Bandwidth Distributed I/O Systems
0 A Novel Power Management for CMP Systems in Data-Intensive Environment
0 Characterization of System Services and Their Performance Impact in Multi-core Nodes
0 Automatic Recognition of Performance Idioms in Scientific Applications
0 A Study of Speculative Distributed Scheduling on the Cell/B.E.
0 The Evaluation of an Effective Out-of-Core Run-Time System in the Context of Parallel Mesh Generation
0 Enriching 3-D Video Games on Multicores
0 Redesign of Higher-Level Matrix Algorithms for Multicore and Distributed Architectures and Applications in Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation
0 A Performance and Area Efficient Architecture for Intrusion Detection Systems
0 Time-Ordered Event Traces: A New Debugging Primitive for Concurrency Bugs
0 Connectivity Trade-offs in 3D Wireless Sensor Networks Using Directional Antennae
0 Multifrontal Factorization of Sparse SPD Matrices on GPUs
0 Large-Scale Semantic Concept Detection on Manycore Platforms for Multimedia Mining
0 Efficient GPU Implementation for Particle in Cell Algorithm
0 A Very Fast Simulator for Exploring the Many-Core Future
0 Automatic Loop Tiling for Direct Memory Access
0 Tolerant Value Speculation in Coarse-Grain Streaming Computations
0 Improved Algorithms for the Distributed Trigger Counting Problem
0 Leveraging Social Networks to Combat Collusion in Reputation Systems for Peer-to-Peer Networks
0 Fast Community Detection Algorithm with GPUs and Multicore Architectures
0 A Scalable Reverse Lookup Scheme Using Group-Based Shifted Declustering Layout
0 Deadlock-Free Oblivious Routing for Arbitrary Topologies
0 Reconciling Sampling and Direct Instrumentation for Unintrusive Call-Path Profiling of MPI Programs
0 Optimizing Large-Scale Graph Analysis on a Multi-threaded, Multi-core Platform
0 GRAL: A Grouping Algorithm to Optimize Application Placement in Wireless Embedded Systems
0 Vitis: A Gossip-based Hybrid Overlay for Internet-scale Publish/Subscribe Enabling Rendezvous Routing in Unstructured Overlay Networks
0 High Performance Scalable and Expressive Modeling Environment to Study Mobile Malware in Large Dynamic Networks
0 H-Code: A Hybrid MDS Array Code to Optimize Partial Stripe Writes in RAID-6
0 Unified Signatures for Improving Performance in Transactional Memory
0 Flease - Lease Coordination Without a Lock Server
0 Minimal Obstructions for the Coordinated Attack Problem and Beyond
0 Shared Resource Monitoring and Throughput Optimization in Cloud-Computing Datacenters
0 Profiling Directed NUMA Optimization on Linux Systems: A Case Study of the Gaussian Computational Chemistry Code
0 I/O-Optimal Distribution Sweeping on Private-Cache Chip Multiprocessors
0 Reader Activation Scheduling in Multi-reader RFID Systems: A Study of General Case
0 Efficient Parallel Scheduling of Malleable Tasks
0 Offline Scheduling of Multi-threaded Request Streams on a Caching Server
0 Scheduling Functionally Heterogeneous Systems with Utilization Balancing
0 Smith-Waterman Alignment of Huge Sequences with GPU in Linear Space
0 Accelerating Protein Sequence Search in a Heterogeneous Computing System
0 Large-Scale Lattice Gas Monte Carlo Simulations for the Generalized Ising Model
0 A Scalable and Elastic Publish/Subscribe Service