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37 An auto-tuning framework for parallel multicore stencil computations
34 Inter-block GPU communication via fast barrier synchronization
33 eScience in the cloud: A MODIS satellite data reprojection and reduction pipeline in the Windows Azure platform
32 Palacios and Kitten: New high performance operating systems for scalable virtualized and native supercomputing
31 GPU sample sort
25 PreDatA - preparatory data analytics on peta-scale machines
25 Consistency in hindsight: A fully decentralized STM algorithm
22 Oblivious algorithms for multicores and network of processors
21 BlobSeer: Bringing high throughput under heavy concurrency to Hadoop Map-Reduce applications
21 SLAW: A scalable locality-aware adaptive work-stealing scheduler
19 A cost-effective strategy for intermediate data storage in scientific cloud workflow systems
16 DEBAR: A scalable high-performance de-duplication storage system for backup and archiving
16 High performance comparison-based sorting algorithm on many-core GPUs
16 Optimizing and tuning the fast multipole method for state-of-the-art multicore architectures
16 Dynamic load balancing on single- and multi-GPU systems
14 A lock-free, cache-efficient multi-core synchronization mechanism for line-rate network traffic monitoring
14 Performance evaluation of concurrent collections on high-performance multicore computing systems
13 Engineering a scalable high quality graph partitioner
13 QR factorization of tall and skinny matrices in a grid computing environment
13 Dynamic analysis of the relay cache-coherence protocol for distributed transactional memory
12 Tile QR factorization with parallel panel processing for multicore architectures
12 Structuring the execution of OpenMP applications for multicore architectures
11 Evaluating standard-based self-virtualizing devices: A performance study on 10 GbE NICs with SR-IOV support
11 Improving the performance of Uintah: A large-scale adaptive meshing computational framework
11 Speculative execution on multi-GPU systems
11 Parallel I/O performance: From events to ensembles
11 Highly scalable parallel sorting
11 Executing task graphs using work-stealing
10 Improving the performance of hypervisor-based fault tolerance
10 Exploiting inter-thread temporal locality for chip multithreading
10 Hybrid MPI/OpenMP power-aware computing
10 Clustering JVMs with software transactional memory support
10 MMT: Exploiting fine-grained parallelism in dynamic memory management
9 A high-performance fault-tolerant software framework for memory on commodity GPUs
9 Algorithmic Cholesky factorization fault recovery
9 Oversubscription on multicore processors
9 Optimal loop unrolling for GPGPU programs
8 Servet: A benchmark suite for autotuning on multicore clusters
8 Dynamic fractional resource scheduling for HPC workloads
8 Adapting cache partitioning algorithms to pseudo-LRU replacement policies
8 Performance and energy optimization of concurrent pipelined applications
8 Analyzing and adjusting user runtime estimates to improve job scheduling on the Blue Gene/P
8 First experiences with congestion control in InfiniBand hardware
8 Implementing the Himeno benchmark with CUDA on GPU clusters
7 Adapting communication-avoiding LU and QR factorizations to multicore architectures
7 Identifying ad-hoc synchronization for enhanced race detection
7 DynTile: Parametric tiled loop generation for parallel execution on multicore processors
7 KRASH: Reproducible CPU load generation on many-core machines
7 Parallel external memory graph algorithms
7 Large-scale multi-dimensional document clustering on GPU clusters
7 An introductory exascale feasibility study for FFTs and multigrid
7 Parallel de novo assembly of large genomes from high-throughput short reads
6 Varying bandwidth resource allocation problem with bag constraints
6 Offline library adaptation using automatically generated heuristics
6 Locality-aware adaptive grain signatures for Transactional Memories
6 Power-aware MPI task aggregation prediction for high-end computing systems
6 Optimization of linked list prefix computations on multithreaded GPUs using CUDA
6 Overlays with preferences: Approximation algorithms for matching with preference lists
6 Decentralized resource management for multi-core desktop grids
6 Algorithmic mechanisms for internet-based master-worker computing with untrusted and selfish workers
6 A novel application of parallel betweenness centrality to power grid contingency analysis
5 Toward understanding heterogeneity in computing
5 HPDA: A hybrid parity-based disk array for enhanced performance and reliability
5 On-line detection of large-scale parallel application's structure
5 Optimization of applications with non-blocking neighborhood collectives via multisends on the Blue Gene/P supercomputer
5 Dynamically tuned push-relabel algorithm for the maximum flow problem on CPU-GPU-Hybrid platforms
5 Parallelization of tau-leap coarse-grained Monte Carlo simulations on GPUs
5 Extreme scale computing: Modeling the impact of system noise in multicore clustered systems
5 Runtime checking of serializability in software transactional memory
4 A hybrid Interest Management mechanism for peer-to-peer Networked Virtual Environments
4 Linpack evaluation on a supercomputer with heterogeneous accelerators
4 Scheduling algorithms for linear workflow optimization
4 A scheduling framework for large-scale, parallel, and topology-aware applications
4 Exploiting the forgiving nature of applications for scalable parallel execution
4 Supporting fault tolerance in a data-intensive computing middleware
4 Load regulating algorithm for static-priority task scheduling on multiprocessors
4 Exploiting set-level non-uniformity of capacity demand to enhance CMP cooperative caching
4 A dynamic approach for characterizing collusion in desktop grids
4 Hierarchical phasers for scalable synchronization and reductions in dynamic parallelism
4 QoS assessment of WS-BPEL processes through non-Markovian stochastic Petri nets
3 A general algorithm for detecting faults under the comparison diagnosis model
3 On the importance of bandwidth control mechanisms for scheduling on large scale heterogeneous platforms
3 Broadcasting on large scale heterogeneous platforms under the bounded multi-port model
3 Parallel computation of best connections in public transportation networks
3 Distributive waveband assignment in multi-granular optical networks
3 Hypergraph-based task-bundle scheduling towards efficiency and fairness in heterogeneous distributed systems
3 Using the middle tier to understand cross-tier delay in a multi-tier application
3 Masking I/O latency using application level I/O caching and prefetching on Blue Gene systems
3 Analyzing the soft error resilience of linear solvers on multicore multiprocessors
3 Service and resource discovery in cycle-sharing environments with a utility algebra
2 Distributed advance network reservation with delay guarantees
2 Improving numerical reproducibility and stability in large-scale numerical simulations on GPUs
2 A parallel architecture for meaning comparison
2 Reconciling scratch space consumption, exposure, and volatility to achieve timely staging of job input data
2 Analysis of durability in replicated distributed storage systems
2 A local, distributed constant-factor approximation algorithm for the dynamic facility location problem
2 Robust control-theoretic thermal balancing for server clusters
2 Object-oriented stream programming using aspects
2 Midpoint routing algorithms for Delaunay triangulations
2 Adaptive sampling-based profiling techniques for optimizing the distributed JVM runtime
2 Fine-grained QoS scheduling for PCM-based main memory systems
2 A simple thermal model for multi-core processors and its application to slack allocation
2 Intra-application cache partitioning
2 A scalable algorithm for maintaining perpetual system connectivity in dynamic distributed systems
2 Improving the performance of program monitors with compiler support in multi-core environment
2 Performance impact of resource contention in multicore systems
2 Power-aware resource provisioning in cluster computing
1 Sparse power-efficient topologies for wireless ad hoc sensor networks
1 GenerOS: An asymmetric operating system kernel for multi-core systems
1 A multi-source label-correcting algorithm for the all-pairs shortest paths problem
1 Balls into non-uniform bins
1 Direct self-consistent field computations on GPU clusters
1 Profitability-based power allocation for speculative multithreaded systems
1 Using focused regression for accurate time-constrained scaling of scientific applications
1 ADEPT scalability predictor in support of adaptive resource allocation
1 Contention-based georouting with guaranteed delivery, minimal communication overhead, and shorter paths in wireless sensor networks
0 Scalable multi-pipeline architecture for high performance multi-pattern string matching
0 QoS aware BiNoC architecture
0 Fisheye lens distortion correction on multicore and hardware accelerator platforms
0 A low cost split-issue technique to improve performance of SMT clustered VLIW processors
0 Attack-resistant frequency counting
0 Parallelization of DQMC simulation for strongly correlated electron systems
0 Achieve constant performance guarantees using asynchronous crossbar scheduling without speedup
0 Scalable failure recovery for high-performance data aggregation
0 Head-body partitioned string matching for Deep Packet Inspection with scalable and attack-resilient performance
0 Stabilizing pipelines for streaming applications
0 Efficient parallel algorithms for maximum-density segment problem