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PPoPP1110090807 060503
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67 Lattice Boltzmann simulation optimization on leading multicore platforms
62 Overcoming scaling challenges in biomolecular simulations across multiple platforms
56 All-pairs: An abstraction for data-intensive cloud computing
46 Receiver-initiated message passing over RDMA Networks
41 Online scheduling in grids
35 Performance characterization and optimization of parallel I/O on the Cray XT
32 Massively parallel cosmological simulations with ChaNGa
30 Data gathering in wireless sensor networks with mobile collectors
29 Accelerating Reed-Solomon coding in RAID systems with GPUs
26 Financial modeling on the cell broadband engine
25 Portioned static-priority scheduling on multiprocessors
24 DiCo-CMP: Efficient cache coherency in tiled CMP architectures
23 Efficient resource management using advance reservations for heterogeneous Grids
23 MVAPICH-Aptus: Scalable high-performance multi-transport MPI over InfiniBand
21 Massive supercomputing coping with heterogeneity of modern accelerators
20 I/O performance on a massively parallel Cray XT3/XT4
20 Intermediate checkpointing with conflicting access prediction in transactional memory systems
20 A new diffusion-based multilevel algorithm for computing graph partitions of very high quality
20 A helper thread based EDP reduction scheme for adapting application execution in CMPs
20 An optimal checkpoint/restart model for a large scale high performance computing system
18 Parallel biological sequence alignments on the Cell Broadband Engine
17 On the representation and multiplication of hypersparse matrices
17 A plug-and-play model for evaluating wavefront computations on parallel architectures
17 High-speed string searching against large dictionaries on the Cell/B.E. Processor
16 Avoiding communication in sparse matrix computations
16 DHT-assisted probabilistic exhaustive search in unstructured P2P networks
16 A dynamic scheduling approach for coordinated wide-area data transfers using GridFTP
15 Lightweight process migration and memory prefetching in openMosix
15 High performance MPEG-2 software decoder on the cell broadband engine
14 Analysis of double buffering on two different multicore architectures: Quad-core Opteron and the Cell-BE
14 An efficient hybrid peer-to-peer system for distributed data sharing
14 Junction tree decomposition for parallel exact inference
13 Optimizations in financial engineering: The Least-Squares Monte Carlo method of Longstaff and Schwartz
13 Scalable group-based checkpoint/restart for large-scale message-passing systems
13 Parallel IP lookup using multiple SRAM-based pipelines
13 Balancing HPC applications through smart allocation of resources in MT processors
13 Approximating max-min linear programs with local algorithms
12 Efficient automated marshaling of C++ data structures for MPI applications
12 Picking up the Pieces: Self-Healing in reconfigurable networks
11 Simultaneous transducers for data-parallel XML parsing
10 Modeling and predicting application performance on parallel computers using HPC challenge benchmarks
10 SLA-based resource allocation in cluster computing systems
10 Scalable methods for monitoring and detecting behavioral equivalence classes in scientific codes
10 Efficient and robust sensor data aggregation using linear counting sketches
9 ContinuStreaming: Achieving high playback continuity of Gossip-based Peer-to-Peer streaming
9 Towards a decentralized architecture for optimization
9 On performance bottleneck of anonymous communication networks
9 Random choices for churn resilient load balancing in peer-to-peer networks
9 Wait-free Programming for General Purpose Computations on Graphics Processors
9 Energy efficient sleep scheduling based on moving directions in target tracking sensor network
8 Efficient MPI Bcast across different process arrival patterns
8 Providing flow based performance guarantees for buffered crossbar switches
8 DVS based energy minimization algorithm for parallel machines
8 Performance adaptive UDP for high-speed bulk data transfer over dedicated links
8 A deterministic multi-way rendezvous library for haskell
8 CoSL: A coordinated statistical learning approach to measuring the capacity of multi-tier websites
8 Data throttling for data-intensive workflows
7 A parallel software toolkit for statistical 3-D virus reconstructions from cryo electron microscopy images using computer clusters with multi-core shared-memory nodes
7 Sacrificing Reliability for Energy Saving: Is it worthwhile for disk arrays?
7 Supporting fault-tolerance in streaming grid applications
7 Model-based fault localization in large-scale computing systems
7 Epoch-based reconfiguration: Fast, simple, and effective dynamic network reconfiguration
6 Distributed asymmetric verification in computational grids
6 SenCast: Scalable multicast in wireless sensor networks
5 Scheduling with storage constraints
5 User-centric data migration in networked storage systems
5 Energy efficient media streaming in wireless hybrid peer-to-peer systems
5 Game-theoretic scalable peer-to-peer media streaming
5 Designing passive synchronization for MPI-2 one-sided communication to maximize overlap
5 Understanding tuning complexity in multithreaded and hybrid web servers
5 A transparent non-invasive file data model for algorithmic skeletons
5 An adaptive parallel pipeline pattern for grids
4 HelperCoreDB: Exploiting multicore technology to improve database performance
4 Parallel mining of closed quasi-cliques
4 Achieving 100% throughput in input-buffered WDM optical packet interconnects
4 Parallelizing irregular C codes assisted by interprocedural shape analysis
4 Sweep coverage with mobile sensors
3 On utilization of contributory storage in desktop grids
3 A game theoretical data replication technique for mobile ad hoc networks
3 Evaluating the role of scratchpad memories in chip multiprocessors for sparse matrix computations
3 Decentralized market-based resource allocation in a heterogeneous computing system
3 Low power/area branch prediction using complementary branch predictors
3 Result reuse in design space exploration: A study in system support for interactive parallel computing
2 PROD: Relayed file retrieving in overlay networks
2 Optimizing XML processing for grid applications using an emulation framework
2 Efficient resources assignment schemes for clustered multithreaded processors
2 Towards reliable and efficient data dissemination in heterogeneous peer-to-peer systems
2 Continuous answering holistic queries over sensor networks
1 Heterogenous dating service with application to rumor spreading
1 DC-SIMD : Dynamic communication for SIMD processors
1 Optimal replication transition strategy in distributed hierarchical systems
1 An effective pointer replication algorithm in P2P networks
1 A unified model of pollution in P2P networks
1 Self-stabilizing algorithms for sorting and heapification
0 A space- and time-efficient hash table hierarchically indexed by Bloom filters
0 An interconnect-aware power efficient cache coherence protocol for CMPs
0 Self-optimizing distributed trees
0 Self-stabilizing population of mobile agents
0 A predicate-based approach to dynamic protocol update in group communication
0 SNAP, Small-world Network Analysis and Partitioning: An open-source parallel graph framework for the exploration of large-scale networks
0 A software-hardware hybrid steering mechanism for clustered microarchitectures
0 The impact of out-of-order commit in coarse-grain, fine-grain and simultaneous multithreaded architectures
0 Fault tolerance with shortest paths in regular and irregular networks
0 Computational monitoring and steering using network-optimized visualization and Ajax web server
0 Scalable data dissemination using hybrid methods