SC1110090807 0605040302
PPoPP1110090807 060503
ICS1110090807 0605040302
IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
ASPLOS11100908 060402
MICRO1110090807 0605040302
HPCA1110090807 0605040302

78 Multilevel Algorithms for Partitioning Power-Law Graphs
69 IP over P2P: Enabling Self-Configuring Virtual IP Networks for Grid Computing
67 Optimizing Bandwidth Limited Problems Using One-Sided Communication and Overlap
60 GPU-ABiSort: Optimal Parallel Sorting on Stream Architectures
59 Parallel Hypergraph Partitioning for Scientific Computing
59 A Virtual Network (ViNe) Architecture for Grid Computing
58 Cooperative Checkpointing Theory
55 Centralized Versus Distributed Schedulers for Multiple Bag-of-Task Applications
52 Segment-Based Routing: An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm for Meshes and Tori
47 D1HT: A Distributed One Hop Hash Table
47 Infiniband Scalability in Open MPI
43 Non-Cooperative, Semi-Cooperative, and Cooperative Games-Based Grid Resource Allocation
43 Exploiting Unbalanced Thread Scheduling for Energy and Performance on a CMP of SMT Processors
43 Topology-Aware Task Mapping for Reducing Communication Contention on Large Parallel Machines
41 Achieving Strong Scaling with NAMD on Blue Gene/L
41 Early Evaluation of the Cray XT3
40 WaveGrid: A Scalable Fast-Turnaround Heterogeneous Peer-Based Desktop Grid System
38 Compatible Phase Co-Scheduling on a CMP of Multi-Threaded Processors
36 A Distributed Paging RAM Grid System for Wide-Area Memory Sharing
35 Instability in Parallel Job Scheduling Simulation: The Role of Workload Flurries
35 Detecting Phases in Parallel Applications on Shared Memory Architectures
34 Shared Receive Queue Based Scalable MPI Design for InfiniBand Clusters
34 MPEG-2 decoding in a Stream Programming Language
33 Distributed Coloring with O(sqrt{log n}) bits
32 The Interleaved Authentication for Filtering False Reports in Multipath Routing based Sensor Networks
32 Auto-Pipe and the X Language: A Pipeline Design Tool and Description Language
31 Algorithm-Based Checkpoint-Free Fault Tolerance for Parallel Matrix Computations on Volatile Resources
30 Parallel FPGA-Based All-Pairs Shortest-Paths in a Directed Graph
30 Incrementally Developing Parallel Applications with AspectJ
29 A Study of the On-Chip Interconnection Network for the IBM Cyclops64 Multi-Core Architecture
27 On Collaborative Content Distribution using Multi-Message Gossip
27 Trust Overlay Networks for Global Reputation Aggregation in P2P Grid Computing
26 Adaptive Connection Management for Scalable MPI over InfiniBand
22 Structural and Algorithmic Issues of Dynamic Protocol Update
22 Free Network Measurement for Adaptive Virtualized Distributed Computing
21 Dynamic Multi Phase Scheduling for Heterogeneous Clusters
21 Real-Time Task Mapping and Scheduling for Collaborative In-Network Processing in DVS-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks
20 Using Virtual Grids to Simplify Application Scheduling
19 Assembling Genomes on Large-Scale Parallel Computers
19 Leakage-Aware Multiprocessor Scheduling for Low Power
19 Pipelined Broadcast on Ethernet Switched Clusters
19 Application Classification through Monitoring and Learning of Resource Consumption Patterns
18 Evaluation of UDDI as a Provider of Resource Discovery Services for OGSA-Based Grids
18 Evaluating I/O Characteristics and Methods for Storing Structured Scientific Data
18 A Compiler-Based Communication Analysis Approach for Multiprocessor Systems
18 Collective Operations in NEC's High-Performance MPI Libraries
17 On the Packing of Selfish Items
17 Network Uncertainty in Selfish Routing
16 Making Lockless Synchronization Fast: Performance Implications of Memory Reclamation
16 Supporting Self-Adaptation in Streaming Data Mining Applications
16 RAPID: An End-System Aware Protocol for Intelligent Data-Transfer over LambdaGrids
16 An Integrated Approach for Density Control and Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
15 Hash-Based Proximity Clustering for Load Balancing in Heterogeneous DHT Networks
15 Enhancing Downlink Performance in Wireless Networks by Simultaneous Multiple Packet Transmission
14 A New Analytical Method for Parallel, Diffusion-type Load Balancing
14 Load Balancing in the Presence of Random Node Failure and Recovery
14 k-Anycast Routing Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
14 On Efficient Distributed Deadlock Avoidance for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
13 An Adaptive Stabilization Framework for Distributed Hash Tables
13 Grid Solutions for Biological and Physical Cross-Site Simulations on the TeraGrid
13 A Design of Overlay Anonymous Multicast Protocol
12 A Strategyproof Mechanism for Scheduling Divisible Loads in Tree Networks
12 Bitmap Indexes for Large Scientific Data Sets: A Case Study
12 A Dynamic Firing Speculation to Speedup Distributed Symbolic State-space Generation
11 DiST: Fully Decentralized Indexing for Querying Distributed Multidimensional Datasets
11 Battery-Aware Router Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks
11 Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs via Message-Passing Graph Traversal
11 Enabling Efficient and Flexible Coupling of Parallel Scientific Applications
11 Helper Thread Prefetching for Loosely-Coupled Multiprocessor Systems
10 Improving Cache Locality for Thread-Level Speculation
10 On Consistency Maintenance in Service Discovery
10 Accelerating Shape Optimizing Load Balancing for Parallel FEM Simulations by Algebraic Multigrid
9 MPI-IO/L: Efficient Remote I/O for MPI-IO via Logistical Networking
9 A Distributed Method for Dynamic Resolution of BGP Oscillations
9 Comparative Study of Price-Based Resource Allocation Algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks
8 Enhancing L2 Organization for CMPs with a Center Cell
8 Executing MPI Programs on Virtual Machines in an Internet Sharing System
8 Exploring the Design Space of an Optimized Compiler Approach for Mesh-Like Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
8 Fast Distributed Graph Partition and Application
7 Flexible Tardiness Bounds for Sporadic Real-Time Task Systems on Multiprocessors
7 Efficient Client-to-Server Assignments for Distributed Virtual Environments
6 Quantifying and Reducing the Effects of Wrong-Path Memory References in Cache-Coherent Multiprocessor Systems
6 Exploiting Dataflow to Extract Java Instruction Level Parallelism on a Tag-Based Multi-Issue Semi In-Order (TMSI) Processor
6 A Code Motion Technique for Accelerating General-Purpose Computation on the GPU
6 An Efficient and Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Out-of-Core Isosurface Extraction and Rendering
6 Algorithmic Skeletons for Stream Programming in Embedded Heterogeneous Parallel Image Processing applications
6 Effective Out-of-Core Parallel Delaunay Mesh Refinement Using Off-the-Shelf Software
6 DVoDP2P: Distributed P2P Assisted Multicast VoD Architecture
6 Composite Abortable Locks
6 Sim-X: Parallel System Software for Interactive Multi-Experiment Computational Studies
5 On the Effectiveness of Speculative and Selective Memory Fences
5 Dynamic Structured Partitioning for Parallel Scientific Applications with Pointwise Varying Workloads
5 Analytical Performance Modelling of Adaptive Wormhole Routing in the Star Interconnection Network
5 Coterminous Locality and Coterminous Group Data Prefetching on Chip-Multiprocessors
5 Relationships between Communication Models in Networks Using Atomic Registers
4 Parallelization and Performance Characterization of Protein 3D Structure Prediction of Rosetta
4 Parallel ICA Methods for EEG Neuroimaging
4 A Performance Model for Fine-Grain Accesses in UPC
3 A Segment-Based DSM Supporting Large Shared Object Space
3 Parallel Algorithms for Inductance Extraction of VLSI Circuits
3 A Dependable Infrastructure of the Electric Network for E-textiles
3 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for 1-Adaptivity
3 A Proactive Fault-Detection Mechanism in Large-Scale Cluster Systems
3 Acceleration of a Content Based Image Retrieval Application on the RDISK Cluster
3 Application-Oriented Adaptive MPI_Bcast for Grids
3 Wire-Speed Total Order
2 Monitoring Remotely Executing Shared Memory Programs in Software DSMs
2 An Authentication Protocol in Web-Computing
2 SAMIE-LSQ: Set-Associative Multiple-Instruction Entry Load/Store Queue
2 Distributed Antipole Clustering for Efficient Data Search and Management in Euclidean and Metric Spaces
2 Exploiting Programmable Network Interfaces for Parallel Query Execution in Workstation Clusters
2 Skewed Allocation of Non-Uniform Data for Broadcasting over Multiple Channels
2 Parallelizing Post-Placement Timing Optimization
2 Compiler Assisted Dynamic Management of Registers for Network Processors
1 Ad-hoc Distributed Spatial Joins on Mobile Devices
1 Dual-Layered File Cache on cc-Numa System
1 Design and Analysis of Multi-dimensional Sampling Service for Large Scale Data Analysis Applications
1 Concurrent Counting is Harder than Queuing
1 Parallel Morphological Processing of Hyperspectral Image Data on Heterogeneous Networks of Computers
1 Oblivious Parallel Probabilistic Channel Utilization without Control Channels
1 Selecting the Tile Shape to Reduce the Total Communication Volume
0 Exploiting Locality: A Flexible DSM Approach
0 Distributed Algorithm for a Color Assignment on Asynchronous Rings
0 Design flow for Optimizing Performance in Processor Systems with On-Chip Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Logic
0 Empowering a Helper Cluster through Data-Width Aware Instruction Selection Policies