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PPoPP1110090807 060503
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IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
ASPLOS11100908 060402
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HPCA1110090807 0605040302

153 On Constructing k-Connected k-Dominating Set in Wireless Networks
150 LAD: Localization Anomaly Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks
97 Power and Energy Profiling of Scientific Applications on Distributed Systems
69 Exploring the Energy-Time Tradeoff in MPI Programs on a Power-Scalable Cluster
66 Efficient Data Access for Parallel BLAST
61 Security-Driven Heuristics and A Fast Genetic Algorithm for Trusted Grid Job Scheduling
60 Energy Efficient Multi-Hop Polling in Clusters of Two-Layered Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
58 A Realistic Network/Application Model for Scheduling Divisible Loads on Large-Scale Platforms
52 Data Redistribution and Remote Method Invocation in Parallel Component Architectures
46 GridIS: An Incentive-Based Grid Scheduling
45 Software-Directed Disk Power Management for Scientific Applications
45 Fault-Hamiltonicity of Hypercube-Like Interconnection Networks
43 Contiguous Search in the Hypercube for Capturing an Intruder
42 Making Search Efficient on Gnutella-Like P2P Systems
38 Exploiting Barriers to Optimize Power Consumption of CMPs
36 Fault-Tolerance, Malleability and Migration for Divide-and-Conquer Applications on the Grid
36 Modeling and Taming Parallel TCP on the Wide Area Network
32 Coordinated Media Streaming and Transcoding in Peer-to-Peer System
31 Exploiting WSRF and WSRF.NET for Remote Job Execution in Grid Environments
30 Characterizing Secure Dynamic Web Applications Scalability
29 Practical Divisible Load Scheduling on Grid Platforms with APST-DV
29 A Memory-Effective Routing Strategy for Regular Interconnection Networks
27 Broadcast Trees for Heterogeneous Platforms
26 PReCinCt: A Scheme for Cooperative Caching in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems
25 Switch Design to Enable Predictive Multiplexed Switching in Multiprocessor Networks
24 A Neural Network Based Predictive Mechanism for Available Bandwidth
24 Improving and Stabilizing Parallel Computer Performance Using Adaptive Backfilling
24 A Powerful Direct Mechanism for Optimal WWW Content Replication
23 Scheduling Algorithms for Effective Thread Pairing on Hybrid Multiprocessors
23 An Empirical Study On the Vectorization of Multimedia Applications for Multimedia Extensions
22 Automatic Support for Irregular Computations in a High-Level Language
22 Bootstrapping Free-Space Optical Networks
21 Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Titanium
21 Impact of Event Logger on Causal Message Logging Protocols for Fault Tolerant MPI
20 A Compiler and Runtime Infrastructure for Automatic Program Distribution
20 Dynamic RWA Based on the Combination of Mobile Agents Technique and Genetic Algorithm in WDM Networks with Sparse Wavelength Conversion
20 Optimal Oblivious Path Selection on the Mesh
20 Enhancing Availability of Grid Computational Services to Ubiquitous Computing Applications
19 A Cost-Effective Main Memory Organization for Future Servers
18 Asynchronous Complete Distributed Garbage Collection
18 A Mutual Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Protocol Design
18 Automatic Construction and Evaluation of Performance Skeletons
16 SPHINX: A Fault-Tolerant System for Scheduling in Dynamic Grid Environments
16 Runtime Empirical Selection of Loop Schedulers on Hyperthreaded SMPs
16 A Hardware Acceleration Unit for MPI Queue Processing
15 Siamese-Twin: A Dynamically Fault-Tolerant Fat-Tree
15 To Unify Structured and Unstructured P2P Systems
14 Power Saving in Regular Interconnection Networks Built with High-Degree Switches
14 Performance Implications of Virtualization and Hyper-Threading on High Energy Physics Applications in a Grid Environment
14 Dynamic Mapping in Energy Constrained Heterogeneous Computing Systems
14 User Transparent Parallel Processing of the 2004 NIST TRECVID Data Set
13 Fast Address Translation Techniques for Distributed Shared Memory Compilers
13 Application Development on the SRC Computers, Inc. Systems
13 A Framework to Support Survivable Web Services
12 Dynamic Power-Aware Scheduling Algorithms for Real-Time Task Sets with Fault-Tolerance in Parallel and Distributed Computing Environment
12 Self-Managing Sensor-Based Middleware for Performance Monitoring and Data Integration in Grids
12 On Scheduling Complex Dags for Internet-Based Computing
12 Benefit of Limited Time Sharing in the Presence of Very Large Parallel Jobs
12 Message Scheduling for All-to-All Personalized Communication on Ethernet Switched Clusters
12 ExchangeGuard: A Distributed Protocol for Electronic Fair-Exchange
12 NUMA-Aware Java Heaps for Server Applications
11 Wait-Free Reference Counting and Memory Management
11 Building on a Framework: Using FG for More Flexibility and Improved Performance in Parallel Programs
10 A Dependency Chain Clustered Microarchitecture
10 Self-Adaptive Scheduler Parameterization via Online Simulation
10 Distributed Data Streams Indexing using Content-Based Routing Paradigm
10 In-Order Packet Delivery in Interconnection Networks using Adaptive Routing
10 Securely Replicated Web Documents
9 On the Optimal Placement of Secure Data Objects over Internet
9 Functionality Distribution for Parallel Rendering
9 A Parallel Algorithm for Correlating Event Streams
9 Fractal: A Mobile Code Based Framework for Dynamic Application Protocol Adaptation in Pervasive Computing
9 Efficiently Processing Query-Intensive Databases over a Non-Dedicated Local Network
9 Increasing the Performance of CDNs Using Replication and Caching: A Hybrid Approach
8 A Fast Fuzzy-Based (omega, alpha)-Fair Rate Allocation Algorithm
8 Parallelizing a Defect Detection and Categorization Application
8 An Experimental Study of Parallel Biconnected Components Algorithms on Symmetric Multiprocessors (SMPs)
8 GUARD: Gossip Used for Autonomous Resource Detection
8 MaTCH : Mapping Data-Parallel Tasks on a Heterogeneous Computing Platform Using the Cross-Entropy Heuristic
8 Using Message-Driven Objects to Mask Latency in Grid Computing Applications
7 PDM Sorting Algorithms That Take A Small Number of Passes
7 Improving Middleware Performance with AdOC: An Adaptive Online Compression Library for Data Transfer
6 Tight Bounds for Wavelength Assignment on Trees of Rings
6 Desynchronized Pfair Scheduling on Multiprocessors
6 Optimizing NANOS OpenMP for the IBM Cyclops Multithreaded Architecture
5 A Distributed Chained Lin-Kernighan Algorithm for TSP Problems
5 A Load Balancing Method for a Parallel Application Based on a Domain Decomposition
5 Inherently Workload-Balanced Clustered Microarchitecture
5 Provable Algorithms for Parallel Sweep Scheduling on Unstructured Meshes
5 Peta-Scale Computing
5 A Distributed Procedure for Bandwidth-Centric Scheduling of Independent-Task Applications
4 Wireless Sensor Networks - Where Parallel and Distributed Processing Meets the Real World
4 Out-of-Core and Pipeline Techniques for Wavefront Algorithms
4 A Highly Parallel Algorithm for the Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Diffusion Processes
4 Comparing the Performance of High-Level Middleware Systems in Shared and Distributed Memory Parallel Environments
4 Adaptive Resource Utilization via Feedback Control for Streaming Application
4 Overview of Air Traffic Control using an SIMD COTS system
4 Security Enhancement in InfiniBand Architecture
3 Practical Performance Model for Optimizing Dynamic Load Balancing of Adaptive Applications
3 Supporting Load Balancing and Efficient Reorganization During System Scaling
3 Distributed Scheduling of Parallel I/O in the Presence of Data Replication
3 Impact of Compiler-based Data-Prefetching Techniques on SPEC OMP Application Performance
3 An Efficient Topology-Adaptive Membership Protocol for Large-Scale Cluster-Based Services
3 Design and Implementation of Open MPI over Quadrics/Elan4
2 A Study of Various Load Information Exchange Mechanisms for a Distributed Application using Dynamic Scheduling
2 Effective Instruction Prefetching via Fetch Prestaging
2 Control-Flow Independence Reuse via Dynamic Vectorization
2 Cache Miss Characterization and Data Locality Optimization for Imperfectly Nested Loops on Shared Memory Multiprocessors
2 Evaluation of Rate-Based Adaptivity in Asynchronous Data Stream Joins
2 A Unifying Theory of Distributed Processing (Or, The Chutzpah One Should Expect When You Invite a Microarchitect into Your Sandbox)
2 An Application Analysis Framework For Polymorphic Chip Multiprocessors
1 Fast and Scalable Parallel Matrix Computations on Distributed Memory Systems
1 Fast All Nearest Neighbor Algorithms from Image Processing Perspective
1 Enhanced Parallel Processing in Wide Registers
1 Adaptive Simulation: Dynamic Data Driven Application in Geophysical Mass Flows
1 PROC: Process ReOrdering-Based Coscheduling on Workstation Clusters
1 Rapidly Mixing Random Walks on Hypercubes with Application to Dynamic Tree Evolution
1 QoS Aware Job Scheduling in a Cluster-Based Web Server for Multimedia Applications
0 Prioritized Multiplicative Schwarz Procedures for Solving Linear Systems
0 COTS Clusters vs. the Earth Simulator: An Application Study Using IMPACT-3D
0 The Promise of Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory - Quantum Parallelism