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PPoPP1110090807 060503
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IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
ASPLOS11100908 060402
MICRO1110090807 0605040302
HPCA1110090807 0605040302

184 Characterizing and Evaluating Desktop Grids: An Empirical Study
97 Cycloid: A Constant-Degree and Lookup-Efficient P2P Overlay Network
91 BigSim: A Parallel Simulator for Performance Prediction of Extremely Large Parallel Machines
90 A Trust Brokering System and Its Application to Resource Management in Public-Resource Grids
86 Building a Scalable Bipartite P2P Overlay Network
82 Scalable and Modular Algorithms for Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication on FPGAs
72 Replication Under Scalable Hashing: A Family of Algorithms for Scalable Decentralized Data Distribution
69 Mobility-Sensitive Topology Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
67 Policy Based Scheduling for Simple Quality of Service in Grid Computing
67 Fault-Aware Job Scheduling for BlueGene/L Systems
67 A Game Theory Based Pricing Strategy for Job Allocation in Mobile Grids
66 Distributed Adaptive Task Allocation in Heterogeneous Computing Environments to Maximize Throughput
64 A Fast, Parallel Spanning Tree Algorithm for Symmetric Multiprocessors
58 Design and Implementation of MPICH2 over InfiniBand with RDMA Support
58 Pipelining Broadcasts on Heterogeneous Platforms
57 Performance Characteristics of the Multi-Zone NAS Parallel Benchmarks
56 A Multiple LID Routing Scheme for Fat-Tree-Based InfiniBand Networks
55 Towards Efficient Multi-Level Threading of H.264 Encoder on Intel Hyper-Threading Architectures
53 Architecture of LA-MPI, A Network-Fault-Tolerant MPI
52 Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
52 SAT-Match: A Self-Adaptive Topology Matching Method to Achieve Low Lookup Latency in Structured P2P Overlay Networks
51 Fast Shared-Memory Algorithms for Computing the Minimum Spanning Forest of Sparse Graphs
45 Designing WDM Optical Interconnects with Full Connectivity by Using Limited Wavelength Conversion
44 On the Feasibility of Incremental Checkpointing for Scientific Computing
44 Queue Scheduling and Advance Reservations with COSY
42 Host-Assisted Zero-Copy Remote Memory Access Communication on InfiniBand
41 Nemos: A Framework for Axiomatic and Executable Specifications of Memory Consistency Models
40 Fast and Scalable MPI-Level Broadcast Using InfiniBand?s Hardware Multicast Support
38 Performance Comparison of Pure MPI vs Hybrid MPI-OpenMP Parallelization Models on SMP Clusters
36 DCache Warn: An I-Fetch Policy to Increase SMT Efficiency
35 Parallelization and Performance of Interactive Multiplayer Game Servers
34 Clustered Multithreaded Architectures - Pursuing both IPC and Cycle Time
32 Towards Efficient Load Balancing in Structured P2P Systems
32 A New Algorithm for Relative Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
28 Integrating Remote Invocation and Distributed Shared State
28 SRUMMA: A Matrix Multiplication Algorithm Suitable for Clusters and Scalable Shared Memory Systems
26 High Performance Implementation of MPI Derived Datatype Communication over InfiniBand
26 How to Run Experiments with Large Peer-to-Peer Data Structure
26 A Flexible IO Scheme for Grid Workflows
25 Performance Measurement and Modeling of Component Applications in a High Performance Computing Environment: A Case Study
24 Energy-Efficient Caching and Prefetching with Data Consistency in Mobile Distributed Systems
23 A Multiprocessor Implementation of the Total Bandwidth Server
22 Single Sign-On in In-VIGO: Role-Based Access via Delegation Mechanisms Using Short-Lived User Identities
22 Unobtrusiveness and Efficiency in Idle Cycle Stealing for PC Grids
22 A General Model for Detecting Distributed Termination in Dynamic Systems
21 Running OpenMP Applications Efficiently on an Everything-Shared SDSM
21 Optimising Static Workload Allocation in Multiclusters
20 Two Fast and Efficient Message Scheduling Algorithms for Data Redistribution through a Backbone
20 Employing Nested OpenMP for the Parallelization of Multi-Zone Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications
20 SAMOA: Framework for Synchronisation Augmented Microprotocol Approach
18 Almost Wait-Free Resizable Hashtable
18 Processing Rate Allocation for Proportional Slowdown Differentiation on Internet Servers
17 A Parallel Object-Oriented Application for 3D Electromagnetism
17 Scaling and Parallelizing a Scientific Feature Mining Application Using a Cluster Middleware
15 Optimal Multi-Channel Data Allocation with Flat Broadcast Per Channel
15 Efficient Synthesis of Out-of-Core Algorithms Using a Nonlinear Optimization Solver
14 On Constructing the Minimum Orthogonal Convex Polygon in 2-D Faulty Meshes
14 Parallel Brutus: The First Distributed, FPGA Accelerated Chess Program
13 BLACK-BUS: A New Data-Transfer Technique Using Local Address on Networks-on-Chips
13 Star-Coloring of Graphs for Conflict-Free Access to Parallel Memory Systems
12 Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems in End-to-end Accelerator Structure Simulations
12 A SNAP-Based Community Resource Broker Using a Three-Phase Commit Protocol
12 Scalable High-level Caching for Parallel I/O
11 The UPC Memory Model: Problems and Prospects
11 A Hierarchical Parallel Scheme for Global Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology
11 Randomized Smoothing Networks
11 Hierarchical Gather/Scatter Algorithms with Graceful Degradation
11 LessLog: A Logless File Replication Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Distributed Systems
10 Load Balancing: Dimension Exchange on Product Graphs
10 An Efficient Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm Based on Relative Consensus Voting
10 A Novel Method for Adding Multiprocessor Support to a Large and Complex Uniprocessor Kernel
9 Parallel Maximum Weight Bipartite Matching Algorithms for Scheduling in Input-Queued Switches
9 Optimization of the POLCOMS Hydrodynamic Code for Terascale High-Performance Computers
9 A Scalable Architecture for Distributed Shared Memory Multiprocessors Using Optical Interconnects
9 Translating Submachine Locality into Locality of Reference
9 Taking Advantage of the Overlay Geometrical Structures for Mobile Agent Communications
9 Memory-Based Scheduling for a Parallel Multifrontal Solver
9 Speculation Control for Simultaneous Multithreading
9 ABC: A Cluster-Based Protocol for Resource Location in Peer-to-Peer Systems
8 A Novel Static Task Scheduling Algorithm in Distributed Computing Environments
8 LORE - Local Reconfiguration for Fault Management in Irregular Interconnects
8 Adaptive Memory Paging for Efficient Gang Scheduling of Parallel Applications
8 A Distributed Hash Table for Computational Grids
8 Exploiting Client Cache: A Scalable and Efficient Approach to Build Large Web Cache
8 Compiler Support for Parallel Code Generation through Kernel Recognition
8 Parallel Mining of Association Rules from Text Databases on a Cluster of Workstations
7 A Large Scale Monte Carlo Simulator for Cellular Microphysiology
7 Application-Perceived Multicast Push Performance
7 Diagnostics for Causes of Packet Loss in a High Performance Data Transfer System
7 Highly Efficient Synchronization Based on Active Memory Operations
7 Packet Probing as Network Load Detection for Scientific Applications at Run-Time
7 Finding Satisfying Global States: All for One and One for All
7 SPEAR: A Hybrid Model for Speculative Pre-Execution
7 Processor-Embedded Distributed MEMS-Based Storage Systems for High-Performance I/O
6 A Cluster Oriented Model for Dynamically Balanced DHTs
6 Specification and Architecture Supports for Component Adaptations on Distributed Environments
6 A Neural Network Based Approach for Overlay Multicast in Media Streaming Systems
6 Multithreaded Home-Based Lazy Release Consistency over VIA
6 Pareto Approximations for the Bicriteria Scheduling Problem
6 Dynamic Adjustment of Execution Order in Real-Time Databases
6 Improving Response Time in Cluster-Based Web Servers through Coscheduling
5 Scheduling of Query Execution Plans in Symmetric Multiprocessor Database Systems
5 Dynamic versus Static Locking in Real-Time Parallel Database Systems
5 Bounded Service Time and Memory Space Optimal Self-Stabilizing Token Circulation Protocol on Unidirectional Rings
5 Secure and Reliable Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Web Cache
5 Prediction-Based Routing through Least Cost Delay Constraint
5 Adapting to Memory Pressure from within Scientific Applications on Multiprogrammed COWs
5 coNCePTuaL: A Network Correctness and Performance Testing Languag
4 Hierarchical Routing with Soft-State Replicas in TerraDir
4 Transaction Based Dynamic Partial Replication in Mobile Environments
4 Evaluation of Elementary Functions Using Multimedia Features
3 Integrating Java and Matlab Components into the Same Parallel and Distributed Application Using JavaPorts
3 On the IP Routing Tables Minimization with Addresses Reassignment
3 Distributed Embedded Systems for Low Power: A Case Study
3 Architecture and Protocol for Reliable Event Delivery to Clients of a High-Availability Cluster
3 Utilizing Home Node Prediction to Improve the Performance of Software Distributed Shared Memory
3 Re-Architecting Flow Control Adaptation for Grid Environments
3 Network Communications in Grid Computing: At a Crossroads between Parallel and Distributed Worlds
2 Average-Case Performance Analysis and Validation of Online Scheduling of Independent Parallel Tasks
2 Random Broadcasting in Product Networks and Symmetric Networks
2 Bundling: Reducing the Overhead of Multiprocessor Prefetchers
2 Using Speculation to Simplify Multiprocessor Design
2 Facilitating Interactive Distributed Data Stream Processing and Mining
2 Optimal Layout for Fast Fourier Transform in Multilayer VLSI
1 Flecc: A Flexible Cache Coherence Protocol for Dynamic Component-Based Systems
1 Fast and Scalable Parallel Algorithms for Euclidean Distance Transform on LARPBS
1 Parallel Simulation of Fluid Slip in a Microchannel
1 Isocoupling: Reusing Kernel Coupling Values to Predict the Performance of Parallel Applications
1 A Self-Adapting Distributed Memory Package for Fast Signal Transforms
1 Integrating Program Component Executables on Distributed Memory Architectures via MPH
1 Assignment and Scheduling of Real-time DSP Applications for Heterogeneous Functional Units
1 An Optimal Protocol for Causally Consistent Distributed Shared Memory Systems
1 Exploiting Memory Bank Locality in Multiprocessor SoC Architectures
1 Supercompilers, the AMD Opteron, and Your Cell Phone
0 Assignment of Shortest Paths Spanning Trees in Meshes
0 Distributed Correction of Proximity Effect in Electron Beam Lithography on a Heterogeneous Cluster
0 An Algorithm for Geometric Load Balancing with Two Constraints
0 Survivable Systems Based on an Adaptive NMR Algorithm
0 An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Isosurface Visualization from Large-Scale Scientific Simulation Data
0 Distributed Algorithms for Partially Clairvoyant Dispatchers
0 Ouroboros: A Tool for Building Generic, Hybrid, Divide and Conquer Algorithms
0 Sparse Matrix Transpose Unit