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PPoPP1110090807 060503
ICS1110090807 0605040302
IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
ASPLOS11100908 060402
MICRO1110090807 0605040302
HPCA1110090807 0605040302

157 SoCBUS: Switched Network on Chip for Hard Real Time Embedded Systems
107 Distributed P2P Computing within Triana: A Galaxy Visualization Test Case
103 Energy Aware Scheduling for Distributed Real-Time Systems
98 Homeostatic and Tendency-Based CPU Load Predictions
89 A Generic Scheme for Building Overlay Networks in Adversarial Scenarios
88 UMR: A Multi-Round Algorithm for Scheduling Divisible Workloads
84 An Evaluation of Current High-Performance Networks
83 Agent-Based Grid Load Balancing Using Performance-Driven Task Scheduling
78 Constrained Component Deployment in Wide-Area Networks Using AI Planning Techniques
70 Fast Collective Operations Using Shared and Remote Memory Access Protocols on Clusters
68 Grid Harvest Service: A System for Long-Term, Application-Level Task Scheduling
66 A Fast Algorithm for Online Placement and Reorganization of Replicated Data
62 So Many States, So Little Time: Verifying Memory Coherence in the Cray X1
57 Fast and Lock-Free Concurrent Priority Queues for Multi-Thread Systems
55 Parallel ROLAP Data Cube Construction On Shared-Nothing Multiprocessors
51 Flexible CoScheduling: Mitigating Load Imbalance and Improving Utilization of Heterogeneous Resources
50 Autonomous Protocols for Bandwidth-Centric Scheduling of Independent-Task Applications
49 A Framework for Collective Personalized Communication
48 Transparent Query Caching in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks
43 Anonymous Publish/Subscribe in P2P Networks
41 Instruction-Level Distributed Processing for Symmetric-Key Cryptography
40 Short Vector Code Generation for the Discrete Fourier Transform
40 A Comparison between the Earth Simulator and AlphaServer Systems Using Predictive Application Performance Models
37 Improving MPI-IO Output Performance with Active Buffering Plus Threads
35 Using the Common Component Architecture to Design High Performance Scientific Simulation Codes
34 The Maximal Utilization of Processor Co-Allocation in Multicluster Systems
33 Definition of a Robustness Metric for Resource Allocation
29 Quantifying Locality Effect in Data Access Delay: Memory logP
28 Padico: A Component-Based Software Infrastructure for Grid Computing
28 Performance of Distributed Algorithms for Topology Control in Wireless Networks
26 Bristle: A Mobile Structured Peer-to-Peer Architecture
26 One-Step Algorithm for Mixed Data and Task Parallel Scheduling without Data Replication
26 A Cluster-Based Active Router Architecture Supporting Video/Audio Stream Transcoding Service
24 Improving Speculative Thread-Level Parallelism Through Module Run-Length Prediction
24 Global Communication Optimization for Tensor Contraction Expressions under Memory Constraints
23 mmGrid: Distributed Resource Management Infrastructure for Multimedia Applications
22 An Architecture for Distributed Applications on the Internet: Overview of Microsoft's .NET Platform
21 A New Approach to Configurable Dynamic Scheduling in Clusters Based on Single System Image Technologies
20 Distributed Geo-Rectification of Satellite Images Using Grid Computing
20 Efficient Collective Operations Using Remote Memory Operations on VIA-Based Clusters
20 A Grid-Enabled Problem Solving Environment (PSE) for Design Optimisation within Matlab
20 Hierarchical Clustered Register File Organization for VLIW Processors
20 Performance Analysis of Multilevel Parallel Applications on Shared Memory Architectures
18 Master-slave Tasking on Heterogeneous Processors
18 Peer-to-Peer Architectures for Scalable, Efficient and Reliable Media Services
17 Performance Analysis of Distributed Search in Open Agent Systems
17 Exploring the Use of Hyper-Threading Technology for Multimedia Applications with Intel® OpenMP* Compiler
17 Coupling Dynamic Load Balancing with Asynchronism in Iterative Algorithms on the Computational Grid
17 BLAM : A High-Performance Routing Algorithm for Virtual Cut-Through Networks
17 Orientation Refinement of Virus Structures with Unknown Symmetry
17 Task Pool Teams for Implementing Irregular Algorithms on Clusters of SMPs
17 Distributed Scheduling Algorithms for Wavelength Convertible WDM Optical Interconnects
17 Fault-Tolerant and Energy-Efficient Permutation Routing Protocol for Wireless Networks
16 Supporting Fully Adaptive Routing in InfiniBand Networks
16 Exploiting Functional Decomposition for Efficient Parallel Processing of Multiple Data Analysis Queries
15 Global Priority-Driven Aperiodic Scheduling on Multiprocessors
15 Partitioned Aperiodic Scheduling on Multiprocessors
14 Using Incorrect Speculation to Prefetch Data in a Concurrent Multithreaded Processor
13 A Generic Broadcast Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks Based on Self-Pruning
12 Task Clustering and Scheduling to Multiprocessors with Duplication
12 Speculative Lock Reordering: Optimistic Out-of-Order Execution of Critical Sections
12 A Hierarchical Resource Reservation Algorithm for Network Enabled
12 A BSP/CGM Algorithm for the All-Substrings Longest Common Subsequence Problem
11 The Coherence Predictor Cache: A Resource-Efficient and Accurate Coherence Prediction Infrastructure
11 Tornado: A Capability-Aware Peer-to-Peer Storage Network
11 Improved Methods for Divisible Load Distribution on k-dimensional Meshes Using Pipelined Communications
11 A View on Relational Data on the Grid
10 Novel Algorithms for Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks in Multiprocessor Systems Based on Execution Time Estimation
10 Miss Penalty Reduction Using Bundled Capacity Prefetching in Multiprocessors
10 A Low Cost Fault Tolerant Packet Routing for Parallel Computers
10 A Hierarchical Sparse Matrix Storage Format for Vector Processors
10 Design and Evaluation of a Parallel HOP Clustering Algorithm for Cosmological Simulation
10 A Web Service-Based Experiment Management System for the Grid
9 A Log(n) Multi-Mode Locking Protocol for Distributed Systems
9 Peer-to-Peer over Ad-Hoc Networks: (Re)Configuration Algorithms
9 Energy-Aware Compilation and Execution in Java-Enabled Mobile Devices
9 The Generic Message Passing Framework
9 Dynamic Scheduling Issues in SMT Architectures
8 Implementation and Characterization of Protein Folding on a Desktop Computational Grid - Is CHARMM a Suitable Candidate for the United Devices MetaProcessor?
8 A GRASP-Based Algorithm for Solving DVE Partitioning Problem
8 Dynamic Instrumentation of Large-Scale MPI and OpenMP Applications
8 On the Appropriateness of Commodity Operating Systems for Large-Scale, Balanced Computing Systems
8 Exploring the Predictability of MPI Messages
8 On the Memory Usage of a Parallel Multifrontal Solver
7 Extending OpenMP to Support Slipstream Execution Mode
7 Topological Skeletons in Haskell
7 An Analysis of Performance Enhancement Techniques for Overset Grid Applications
7 Exploiting Java-ILP on a Simultaneous Multi-Trace Instruction Issue (SMTI) Processor
7 Active Memory: Micron's Yukon
6 Malleable Memory Mapping: User-Level Control of Memory Bounds for Effective Program Adaptation
6 MUSE: A Software Oscilloscope for Clusters and Grids
6 A Log-Based Write-Back Mechanism for Cooperative Caching
6 Fault-Tolerant Multi-Server Video-on-Demand Service
6 Web Services: Control Meets Collaboration
5 Active Memory Techniques for ccNUMA Multiprocessors
5 A Divided-Screenwise Hierarchical Compositing for Sort-Last Parallel Volume Rendering
5 A Computational Strategy for the Solution of Large Linear Inverse Problems in Geophysics
5 Leveraging Block Decisions and Aggregation in the ShareStreams QoS Architecture
5 Energy and Performance Considerations in Work Partitioning for Mobile Spatial Queries
5 A General Framework for Searching in Distributed Data Repositories
4 Application/Kernel Cooperation Towards the Efficient Execution of Shared-Memory Parallel Java Codes
4 Dynamically Loaded Classes as Shared Libraries: An Approach to Improving Virtual Machine Scalability
4 Vectorization of Multigrid Codes Using SIMD ISA Extensions
4 Using a Parallel CFD Code for Evaluation of Clusters and MPPs
4 Scalability of a Low-Cost Multi-Teraflop Linux Cluster for High-End Classical Atomistic and Quantum Mechanical Simulations
3 Optimal Skewed Tiling for Cache Locality Enhancement
3 Dynamic Load Balancing of an Iterative Eigensolver on Networks of Heterogeneous Clusters
3 VOQSW: A Methodology to Reduce HOL Blocking in InfiniBand Networks
3 Parallel Tabu Search in a Heterogeneous Environment
3 Impact of Data Distribution, Level of Parallelism, and Communication Frequency on Parallel Data Cube Construction
2 HiDISC: A Decoupled Architecture for Data-Intensive Application
2 On Scheduling Collaborative Computations on the Internet, I: Mesh-Dags and Their Close Relatives
2 A Compilation Framework for Distributed Memory Parallelization of Data Mining Algorithms
2 Sparse WDM Optical Interconnects under Wavelength-Based Model
2 A Java Dialect Free of Data Races and without Annotations
2 Routing on Meshes in Optimum Time and with Really Small Queues
2 An Extended Link Reversal Protocol in Dynamic Networks
2 ClusterWorX: A Framework to Manage Large Clusters Effectively
1 Parallel Algorithm Based on a Frequential Decomposition for Dynamic 3D Computed Tomography
1 Interactive Imaging Science on Parallel Computers: Getting Immediate Results
1 Dynamic Organization Schemes for Cooperative Proxy Cachin
1 A Framework for Portable Shared Memory Programming
1 Efficient Agent-Based Multicast on Wormhole Switch-Based Irregular Networks
1 Parallel Multilevel Block ILU Preconditioning Techniques for Large Sparse Linear Systems
0 Parametric Time-Based Dispatching in CORBA Distributed Environments
0 Allocating Servers in Infostations for On-Demand Communications