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PPoPP1110090807 060503
ICS1110090807 0605040302
IPDPS1110090807 0605040302
ISCA1110090807 0605040302
ASPLOS11100908 060402
MICRO1110090807 0605040302
HPCA1110090807 0605040302

182 The End-to-End Performance Effects of Parallel TCP Sockets on a Lossy Wide-Area Network
158 Communication Characteristics of Large-Scale Scientific Applications for Contemporary Cluster Architectures
138 Bandwidth-Centric Allocation of Independent Tasks on Heterogeneous Platforms
126 Predicting the Performance of Wide Area Data Transfers
117 Finding Good Peers in Peer-to-Peer Networks
68 Models and Scheduling Mechanisms for Global Computing Applications
59 A Prediction-Based Real-Time Scheduling Advisor
57 Load Balancing in Distributed Systems: An Approach Using Cooperative Games
54 Optimizing Graph Algorithms for Improved Cache Performance
51 A New Approach to Fault-Tolerant Wormhole Routing for Mesh-Connected Parallel Computers
50 On Reliable and Scalable Peer-to-Peer Web Document Sharing
48 The R-LRPD Test: Speculative Parallelization of Partially Parallel Loops
46 Fine-Grain Access Control for Securing Shared Resources in Computational Grids
45 Graph Partitioning for Parallel Applications in Heterogeneous Grid Environments
44 A SIMD Vectorizing Compiler for Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
44 Cluster Load Balancing for Fine-Grain Network Services
43 nfsp: A Distributed NFS Server for Clusters of Workstations
41 Parallel JPEG2000 Image Coding on Multiprocessors
36 A Metric and Mixed-Integer-Programming-Based Approach for Resource Allocation in Dynamic Real-Time Systems
34 Memory-Intensive Benchmarks: IRAM vs. Cache-Based Machines
34 Compile/Run-Time Support for Thread Migration
31 Can User-Level Protocols Take Advantage of Multi-CPU NICs?
31 Faster Collective Output through Active Buffering
31 Task Allocation for Distributed Multimedia Processing on Wirelessly Networked Handheld Devices
30 Static Mapping Heuristics for Tasks with Dependencies, Priorities, Deadlines, and Multiple Versions in Heterogeneous Environments
25 Enforcing Resource Sharing Agreements among Distributed Server Clusters
24 Preemptive Multiprocessor Scheduling Anomalies
24 Virtual Machine Based Heterogeneous Checkpointing
24 Detecting Temporal Logic Predicates on the Happened-Before Model
23 Parallel Wavelet Transform for Large Scale Image Processing
22 Parallel and Distributed Computing Issues in Pricing Financial Derivatives through Quasi Monte Carlo
22 Modeling and Evaluating Peer-to-Peer Storage Architectures
22 Design and Implementation of a Pluggable Fault Tolerant CORBA Infrastructure
22 On QoS-Based Scheduling of a Meta-Task with Multiple QoS Demands in Heterogeneous Computing
21 A Single Phase Distributed Commit Protocol for Main Memory Database Systems
21 A New Clustering Algorithm for Large Communication Delays
19 A Strategy to Compute the InfiniBand Arbitration Tables
19 Hierarchical Interconnects for On-Chip Clustering
19 Accountable Web-Computing
18 Scheduling Multiple Data Visualization Query Workloads on a Shared Memory Machine
18 Twiddle-Factor-Based FFT Algorithm with Reduced Memory Access
17 GNBD/VIA: A Network Block Device over Virtual Interface Architecture on Linux
17 Efficient Pipelining of Nested Loops: Unroll-and-Squash
17 High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing for the BMI Eigenvalue Problem
14 Improving the Performance of Distributed CORBA Applications
14 A New Model for Static Mapping of Parallel Applications with Task and Data Parallelism
13 An Out-of-Core Sorting Algorithm for Clusters with Processors at Different Speed
12 A Novel Approach to Reduce L2 Miss Latency in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
11 Parallel Incremental 2D-Discretization on Dynamic Datasets
11 Routing Permutations in Partitioned Optical Passive Star Networks
11 Fault-Tolerant Broadcasting in Wormhole-Routed Torus Networks
10 Performance Characterization of a Molecular Dynamics Code on PC Clusters: Is There Any Easy Parallelism in CHARMM?
10 Minimum Average Transmission Power Routing in CDMA Ad Hoc Networks Utilizing the Blind Multiuser Detection
9 A Parallel Ultra-High Resolution MPEG-2 Video Decoder for PC Cluster Based Tiled Display Systems
9 Adaptive Scheduling under Memory Pressure on Multiprogrammed SMPs
9 Optimal Remapping in Dynamic Bulk Synchronous Computations via a Stochastic Control Approach
9 Buckets Strike Back: Improved Parallel Shortest Paths
8 Short Cut Eulerian Routing of Datagrams in All Optical Point-to-Point Networks
8 Enhancing Data Migration Performance via Parallel Data Compression
8 Parallel Out-of-Core Matrix Inversion
7 Using Programmable NICs for Time-Warp Optimization
7 An Adaptive Hash Join Algorithm on a Network of Workstations
7 Achieving Scalability in Parallel Tabled Logic Programs
7 A Multithreaded Concurrent Garbage Collector Parallelizing the New Instruction in Java
7 A Parallel Two-Level Hybrid Method for Diagonal Dominant Tridiagonal Systems
6 Compiler and Runtime Support for Irregular Reductions on a Multithreaded Architecture
6 Java Mirrors: Building Blocks for Remote Interaction
6 Capturing Causality by Compressed Vector Clock in Real-Time Group Editors
6 Toward Optimal Diffusion Matrices
6 Barrier Synchronization on a Loaded SMP Using Two-Phase Waiting Algorithms
5 Model-Based Fault Detection in Powerline Networking
5 Generalized Multipartitioning for Multi-Dimensional Arrays
5 A Parallel Cloth Simulator Using Multilevel Algorithms
5 Architecture of the Entropia Distributed Computing System
4 Compression-Domain Parallel Rendering
4 Compiling Several Classes of Communication Patterns on a Multithreaded Architecture
4 Quantifying and Resolving Remote Memory Access Contention on Hardware DSM Multiprocessors
4 A Performance Model for k-Ary n-Cube Networks with Self-Similar Traffic
4 The Least Choice First Scheduling Method for High-Speed Network Switche
4 Clustering Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Programs on NOWs with Synchronization Requirements at the Application Level
3 A Recursion-Based Broadcast Paradigm in Wormhole Routed Mesh/Torus Networks
3 Fast Inductance Extraction of Large VLSI Circuits
3 Peppermint and Sled: Tools for Evaluating SMP Systems Based on IA-64 (IPF) Processors
3 A Prototypical Self-Optimizing Package for Parallel Implementation of Fast Signal Transforms
2 Incorporating Quality-of-Service in the Virtual Interface Architecture
2 Compiler-Directed I/O Optimization
2 Comparing the Memory System Performance of DSS Workloads on the HP V-Class and SGI Origin 2000
2 Issues Concerning Linux Clustering: Cluster Management and Application Porting
1 An Efficient Technique for Corner-Turn in SAR Image Reconstruction by Improving Cache Access
1 Distribution Sweeping on Clustered Machines with Hierarchical Memories
1 Blending of Composite Panel Designs Using Genetic Algorithms
1 Fault Recovery for a Distributed SP-Based Delay Constrained Multicast Routing Algorithm
1 Efficient Support for Two-Dimensional Data Distributions in Distributed Shared Memory Systems
1 A Feasibility Study of Hierarchical Multithreading
1 Deleting Keys of B-trees in Parallel
0 Average-Case Scalability Analysis of Parallel Computations on k-ary d-cubes
0 A Parallel Numerical Algorithm for Boundary-Value FIDES on a PC Cluster
0 A High Performance Algorithm for Incompressible Flows Using Local Solenoidal Functions
0 Creating a National Lab Shared Storage Infrastructure
0 Hybrid Predication Model for Instruction Level Parallelism
0 DEM-1: A Particle Simulation Machine for Efficient Short-Range Interaction Computations
0 Determination of the Topology of a Directed Network