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160 Proactive fault tolerance for HPC with Xen virtualization
146 Cooperative cache partitioning for chip multiprocessors
31 Executing irregular scientific applications on stream architectures
31 High performance MPI design using unreliable datagram for ultra-scale InfiniBand clusters
28 Sensitivity analysis for automatic parallelization on multi-cores
26 Scalability of the Nutch search engine
26 Scheduling FFT computation on SMP and multicore systems
22 Representation-transparent matrix algorithms with scalable performance
19 A study of process arrival patterns for MPI collective operations
17 Locality of sampling and diversity in parallel system workloads
15 Modeling correlated workloads by combining model based clustering and a localized sampling algorithm
12 Scalability analysis of SPMD codes using expectations
12 Automatic nonblocking communication for partitioned global address space programs
12 Active memory operations
12 A low-cost mixed-mode parallel processor architecture for embedded systems
11 Performance driven data cache prefetching in a dynamic software optimization system
10 Characteristics of workloads used in high performance and technical computing
9 Tradeoff between data-, instruction-, and thread-level parallelism in stream processors
9 Adaptive performance control for distributed scientific coupled models
9 Adaptive Strassen's matrix multiplication
8 GridRod: a dynamic runtime scheduler for grid workflows
6 An L2-miss-driven early register deallocation for SMT processors
5 Optimization of data prefetch helper threads with path-expression based statistical modeling
4 Optimization and bottleneck analysis of network block I/O in commodity storage systems
4 A symmetric transformation for 3-body potential molecular dynamics using force-decomposition in a heterogeneous distributed environment
2 Sequencer virtualization
2 Compression in cache design
2 Increasing cache capacity through word filtering
1 An operation stacking framework for large ensemble computations