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PPoPP1110090807 060503
ICS1110090807 0605040302
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290 AEGIS: architecture for tamper-evident and tamper-resistant processing
247 Conserving disk energy in network servers
234 High performance RDMA-based MPI implementation over InfiniBand
147 Predictive dynamic thermal management for multimedia applications
97 A performance analysis of the Berkeley UPC compiler
76 Estimating cache misses and locality using stack distances
63 Reducing register ports using delayed write-back queues and operand pre-fetch
55 Collective operations in application-level fault-tolerant MPI
49 Enhancing scalability of parallel structured AMR calculations
48 Partitioned first-level cache design for clustered microarchitectures
47 Enhancing memory level parallelism via recovery-free value prediction
42 PowerHerd: dynamic satisfaction of peak power constraints in interconnection networks
38 Automatic fence insertion for shared memory multiprocessing
31 Result checking in global computing systems
28 A compiler approach for reducing data cache energy
24 Profile-guided I/O partitioning
23 A high performance multi-perspective vision studio
21 Predicate prediction for efficient out-of-order execution
20 Roccom: an object-oriented, data-centric software integration framework for multiphysics simulations
18 A GSA-based compiler infrastructure to extract parallelism from complex loops
16 Performance characteristics of openMP constructs, and application benchmarks on a large symmetric multiprocessor
15 A fast approximate interprocedural analysis for speculative multithreading compilers
13 Evaluation of the memory page migration influence in the system performance: the case of the SGI O2000
13 The impact of data dependence analysis on compilation and program parallelization
12 Inferential queueing and speculative push for reducing critical communication latencies
10 Selecting long atomic traces for high coverage
10 miNI: reducing network interface memory requirements with dynamic handle lookup
9 Recycling waste: exploiting wrong-path execution to improve branch prediction
9 Compiler support for efficient processing of XML datasets
7 Is there anything more to learn about high performance processors?
6 Modeling and optimization of non-blocking checkpointing for optimistic simulation on myrinet clusters
6 Placement of I/O servers to improve parallel I/O performance on switch-based clusters
5 Inter-procedural stacked register allocation for itaniumŪ like architecture
3 A framework for incremental extensible compiler construction
2 Dynamic memory instruction bypassing
0 Wireless networks... what does the future have in store?
0 A new speculation technique to optimize floating-point performance while preserving bit-by-bit reproducibility