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PPoPP1110090807 060503
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480 LogTM: log-based transactional memory
113 CMP design space exploration subject to physical constraints
111 Dynamic power-performance adaptation of parallel computation on chip multiprocessors
99 The common case transactional behavior of multithreaded programs
79 BulletProof: a defect-tolerant CMP switch architecture
78 Construction and use of linear regression models for processor performance analysis
75 Last level cache (LLC) performance of data mining workloads on a CMP - a case study of parallel bioinformatics workloads
67 Phase characterization for power: evaluating control-flow-based and event-counter-based techniques
59 Exploiting parallelism and structure to accelerate the simulation of chip multi-processors
49 ReViveI/O: efficient handling of I/O in highly-available rollback-recovery servers
46 DMA-aware memory energy management
40 Understanding the performance-temperature interactions in disk I/O of server workloads
40 High performance file I/O for the Blue Gene/L supercomputer
34 An approach for implementing efficient superscalar CISC processors
31 CORD: cost-effective (and nearly overhead-free) order-recording and data race detection
26 Reducing resource redundancy for concurrent error detection techniques in high performance microprocessors
23 A decoupled KILO-instruction processor
21 InfoShield: a security architecture for protecting information usage in memory
18 Retention-aware placement in DRAM (RAPID): software methods for quasi-non-volatile DRAM
17 Efficient instruction schedulers for SMT processors
15 Store vectors for scalable memory dependence prediction and scheduling
14 Increasing the cache efficiency by eliminating noise
13 Software-hardware cooperative memory disambiguation
12 Completely verifying memory consistency of test program executions
8 Chip-multiprocessing and beyond
8 Probabilistic counter updates for predictor hysteresis and stratification
3 Speculative synchronization and thread management for fine granularity threads
2 Industrial Perspectives: Platform Design Challenges with Many cores
0 New architectures for a new biology
0 Industrial Perspectives: System IO Network Evolution - Closing Requirement Gaps
0 Industrial Perspectives: The Next Roadblocks in SOC Evolution: On-Chip Storage Capacity and Off-Chip Bandwidth