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MICRO1110090807 0605040302
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27 S2E: a platform for in-vivo multi-path analysis of software systems
26 Faults in linux: ten years later
24 DoublePlay: parallelizing sequential logging and replay
18 Dynamic knobs for responsive power-aware computing
17 MemScale: active low-power modes for main memory
16 On-the-fly elimination of dynamic irregularities for GPU computing
15 Improving software diagnosability via log enhancement
13 RCDC: a relaxed consistency deterministic computer
13 NV-Heaps: making persistent objects fast and safe with next-generation, non-volatile memories
13 Blink: managing server clusters on intermittent power
13 Sponge: portable stream programming on graphics engines
10 Hybrid NOrec: a case study in the effectiveness of best effort hardware transactional memory
10 Mnemosyne: lightweight persistent memory
10 Flikker: saving DRAM refresh-power through critical data partitioning
10 ConSeq: detecting concurrency bugs through sequential errors
8 Hardware acceleration of transactional memory on commodity systems
7 2ndStrike: toward manifesting hidden concurrency typestate bugs
7 Rethinking the library OS from the top down
7 Looking back on the language and hardware revolutions: measured power, performance, and scaling
6 Efficient processor support for DRFx, a memory model with exceptions
6 Specifying and checking semantic atomicity for multithreaded programs
6 Pocket cloudlets
6 Improving the performance of trace-based systems by false loop filtering
5 Ensuring operating system kernel integrity with OSck
5 Inter-core prefetching for multicore processors using migrating helper threads
4 Synthesizing concurrent schedulers for irregular algorithms
2 A declarative language approach to device configuration
2 A case for neuromorphic ISAs
2 Mementos: system support for long-running computation on RFID-scale devices
2 Orchestration by approximation: mapping stream programs onto multicore architectures
1 The cloud will change everything
1 Exploring circuit timing-aware language and compilation
0 Improved device driver reliability through hardware verification reuse