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PPoPP1110090807 060503
ICS1110090807 0605040302
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212 PowerNap: eliminating server idle power
160 DFTL: a flash translation layer employing demand-based selective caching of page-level address mappings
118 Kendo: efficient deterministic multithreading in software
99 Gordon: using flash memory to build fast, power-efficient clusters for data-intensive applications
98 Early experience with a commercial hardware transactional memory implementation
96 DMP: deterministic shared memory multiprocessing
78 Producing wrong data without doing anything obviously wrong!
75 CTrigger: exposing atomicity violation bugs from their hiding places
74 Accelerating critical section execution with asymmetric multi-core architectures
67 Capo: a software-hardware interface for practical deterministic multiprocessor replay
54 RapidMRC: approximating L2 miss rate curves on commodity systems for online optimizations
34 ASSURE: automatic software self-healing using rescue points
30 Complete information flow tracking from the gates up
27 Mixed-mode multicore reliability
25 Commutativity analysis for software parallelization: letting program transformations see the big picture
23 ISOLATOR: dynamically ensuring isolation in comcurrent programs
20 Per-thread cycle accounting in SMT processors
19 An evaluation of the TRIPS computer system
19 Maximum benefit from a minimal HTM
17 Leak pruning
17 TwinDrivers: semi-automatic derivation of fast and safe hypervisor network drivers from guest OS drivers
16 Recovery domains: an organizing principle for recoverable operating systems
10 Dynamic prediction of collection yield for managed runtimes
8 Anomaly-based bug prediction, isolation, and validation: an automated approach for software debugging
8 Efficient online validation with delta execution
7 StreamRay: a stream filtering architecture for coherent ray tracing
5 Architectural support for SWAR text processing with parallel bit streams: the inductive doubling principle
4 Phantom-BTB: a virtualized branch target buffer design
0 Architectural implications of nanoscale integrated sensing and computing