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218 Learning from mistakes: a comprehensive study on real world concurrency bug characteristics
191 No "power" struggles: coordinated multi-level power management for the data center
117 Overshadow: a virtualization-based approach to retrofitting protection in commodity operating systems
111 Merge: a programming model for heterogeneous multi-core systems
79 Understanding the propagation of hard errors to software and implications for resilient system design
72 Parallelizing security checks on commodity hardware
64 Adaptive set pinning: managing shared caches in chip multiprocessors
60 Accelerating two-dimensional page walks for virtualized systems
58 Streamware: programming general-purpose multicore processors using streams
53 Feedback-driven threading: power-efficient and high-performance execution of multi-threaded workloads on CMPs
46 Optimistic parallelism benefits from data partitioning
42 Better bug reporting with better privacy
38 How low can you go? Recommendations for hardware-supported minimal TCB code execution
38 The design and implementation of microdrivers
31 Adapting to intermittent faults in multicore systems
26 Understanding and visualizing full systems with data flow tomography
24 Archipelago: trading address space for reliability and security
23 PICSEL: measuring user-perceived performance to control dynamic frequency scaling
22 The mapping collector: virtual memory support for generational, parallel, and concurrent compaction
20 Efficiency trends and limits from comprehensive microarchitectural adaptivity
20 Hardbound: architectural support for spatial safety of the C programming language
19 Predictor virtualization
19 Hardware counter driven on-the-fly request signatures
16 Exploiting access semantics and program behavior to reduce snoop power in chip multiprocessors
14 Improving the performance of object-oriented languages with dynamic predication of indirect jumps
14 SoftSig: software-exposed hardware signatures for code analysis and optimization
14 Tapping into the fountain of CPUs: on operating system support for programmable devices
14 Xoc, an extension-oriented compiler for systems programming
9 Accurate branch prediction for short threads
7 Communication optimizations for global multi-threaded instruction scheduling
6 Dispersing proprietary applications as benchmarks through code mutation
5 Toward molecular programming with DNA