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1301 Energy-efficient computing for wildlife tracking: design tradeoffs and early experiences with ZebraNet
1112 Automatically characterizing large scale program behavior
967 Maté: a tiny virtual machine for sensor networks
459 An adaptive, non-uniform cache structure for wire-delay dominated on-chip caches
299 ECOSystem: managing energy as a first class operating system resource
253 Transactional lock-free execution of lock-based programs
252 A stream compiler for communication-exposed architectures
201 Mondrian memory protection
147 Speculative synchronization: applying thread-level speculation to explicitly parallel applications
118 Compiler optimization of scalar value communication between speculative threads
107 Enhancing software reliability with speculative threads
92 A stateless, content-directed data prefetching mechanism
83 Enabling trusted software integrity
81 Design and evaluation of compiler algorithms for pre-execution
70 Joint local and global hardware adaptations for energy
47 Dynamic dead-instruction detection and elimination
38 Temporally silent stores
37 Programming language optimizations for modular router configurations
35 Increasing web server throughput with network interface data caching
30 Understanding and improving operating system effects in control flow prediction
25 A comparative study of arbitration algorithms for the Alpha 21364 pipelined router
20 Evolving RPC for active storage
17 Cool-Mem: combining statically speculative memory accessing with selective address translation for energy efficiency
11 Bytecode fetch optimization for a Java interpreter
8 Sensor network research: emerging challenges for architecture, systems, and languages