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 autoCropAUTOCROP automatically crop an image. Background is assumed to be zeros
 autoInitif no context path provided --> try to get one from object
 bleachBLEACH is similar to MatLab's zscore, but also returns the mean and std
 brutePolyErrorbrutePolyError brute force search for computing the error of
 centersizefigfunction centersizefig( fH, w, h )
 circ3paramcirc3param estimate the parameters for a 3-parameter mixture model
 circAcircA the A functions used in circular statistics
 circAinvcircAinv inverse of the 1st order A function used in circular statistics
 circDiscordcircDiscord test for discordancy vs a Von-Mises distribution
 circHasDirectioncircHasDirection test the hypothesis that circular data has a significant
 circMomentcircMoment compute the n-th circular moment of dat along the dimension dim
 circParamscircParams obtain circular statistics of various sorts
 circVMcdfcircVMcdf cumulative Von-Mises distribution VM(0,k)
 circVMinvcircVMinv inverse CDF (quartile function) for Von-Mises distribution
 circintCIRCINT finds the two points of intersection of circles at points c1, c2, with
 clipPtsCLIPPTS clip points and normalize for sampling from a matrix
 copyFieldscopyFields copy all specified fields, if present in src and not in dst
 createOrClearFigfunction h = createOrClearFig( tag, name )
 densityPlot1DENSITYPLOT1 generate kernel smoothed density plot data from samples
 densityPlot2DENSITYPLOT2 generate a 2D density plot (histogram) of data
 densityPlotNdensityPlotN multi-parameter density plot
 diffPairsDIFFPAIRS Stack differences of all pairs of row vectors
 dotGriddotGrid generate a grid of round dots with the specified
 drawBoxElementfunction h = drawBoxElement( p1, p2, sp, conv, w );
 drawRectsfunction bind = drawRects( bind )
 drawSpringfunction h = drawSpring( p1, p2, sp, conv, w );
 dummyfilterjust always returns true
 entropyENTROPY computes the entropy of a random variable (to base e)
 errordispfunction errordisp(therr)
 eucdistfunction d = eucdist( v1, v2 )
 eucnormfunction d = eucnorm( v )
 fieldinputdialogfunction spec = fieldinputdialog( spec, displayfields, inputfields )
 figNamedFIGNAMED create/find a figure with the specified name
 findConstBlocksfunction bind = findConstBlocks( binvector )
 findOverFINDOVER find row indices for first value of M over v in each column
 findShiftFINDSHIFT find the number of samples shifted between two signals
 findfilesfunction fnames = findfiles(matchstr,recurse,dir,filterfunc)
 fitGeomFITGEOM fit geometry given sparse pairwise distance matrix
 fitxycirc3Dthis function takes 3D points in pts (columns = x,y,z), and fits a circle
 ftBigSumFTBIGSUM sum many Fourier models together.
 ftCatFTCAT concatenate Fourier series models (with scaling)
 ftDiffFTDIFF Differentiate a Fourier series model algebraically
 ftFitFTFIT fit data with a (complex) Fourier series of terms up to specified
 ftIntFTINT Symbolically integrate a Fourier series model
 ftMulFTMUL pointwise multiplication of Fourier series
 ftNearestFTNEAREST find the phase of the nearest point to each point in val
 ftRandFTRAND generate a random Fourier series
 ftSplitFTSPLIT split real and imaginary parts of this Fourier
 ftSumFTSUM Sum (or linear combination) of Fourier models.
 ftTimesConstFTTIMESCONST multiply Fourier series by a constant matrix (on the right)
 ftTruncFTTRUNC Truncate a Fourier series model.
 ftValFTVAL evaluate a Fourier series object at multiple phases
 genMutInfoGENMUTINFO generate test data with known mutual information
 harmonicNumberHARMONICNUMBER compute an approximation to the n-th harmonic number Hn
 hatchHATCH Hatches a two-dimensional domain.
 hatchrectfunction h = hatchrect( angle, ld )
 histNhistN N-dimensional histogram
 imposeBoundsfunction varargout = imposeBounds( blim, vars )
 jetCmpOfJETCMPOF create RGB representation of comparison of two 2D histograms
 jetMapForjetMapFor create a Jet colormap for specified number of entries
 jetMapOfJETMAPOF convert data into an RGB image using the jet (or other) colormap
 localminLOCALMIN find local minima within neighborhoods of specified size
 makeSideViewMovMake side view movie
 mat2sssMAT2SSS convert a single .mat file or a whole directory full of .mat files
 maxUniquefunction [mu] = maxUnique(A)
 mdftFitMDFTFIT Fit a multidimensional Fourier series to a dataset
 mdftValMDFT evaluate a multidimensional Fourier series model
 mutualInfoMUTUALINFO computes the mutual information (to base e) of a 2D histogram
 newPhaseEstNNEWPHASEESTN build phase estimator object for multi-dimensional data
 normalLegendnormalLegend Generate an informative legend for normal variates
 nudgetitlefunction nudgetitle( axH, x )
 orbitCamORBITCAM orbit camera around a 3D object.
 paramcolorplotvisualizes a data matrix with an associated parameter as a 2D color plot.
 parseAttrparseAttr parse variable number of attributes and store in struct
 patchRectfunction prH = patchRect( lims, tl )
 phaseShiftThis function shifts the phase of the input waveform, di by phi. It
 phaseShiftOfphaseShiftOf fine phase angle trend and intercept for multiple
 prepForSaveLoop to scan field names
 processvarinfilesfunction fnames = processvarinfiles(fnames,varname,func,recurse)
 randMatEigRANDMATEIG generate a random matrix with a specific spectrum
 regionSelUIREGIONSELUI user interface for manually selecting regions by (indexed)
 rotmatfunction R = rotmat( x )
 setAllFieldssetAllFields copy all specified fields, overwriting destination
 setFieldsInFilesfunction setFieldsInFiles(fnames,varname,fieldnames,values)
 simpleSaveSIMPLESAVE save variables in the simpleSave format
 slowcometCOMET Comet-like trajectory.
 spDiagonalspDiagonal create a sparse diagonal matrix
 spaceaxesfunction varargout = spaceaxes( varargin )
 splineDerivativefunction [Ddata]=splineDerivative(data,order)
 splineDerivativeColsWrapper function for matlab 6.5 to input multiple column data for spline
 splitByColSPLITBYCOL split matrix into cell array of matrices based on value of a
 splitByRowSPLITBYROW split matrix into cell array of matrices based on value of a
 stdGeomSTDGEOM standardize representation of the geometry of points pts0
 stepErrSTEPERR return the sum squared error of fitting a step to the
 svdDeconvKerSVDDECONVKER compute deconvolution kernel via SVD method
 threshUITHRESHUI display a UI for selecting a threshold of some image parameter
 uigetimageUIGETIMAGE generate a uigetfile GUI for image files
 unpackStructUNPACKSTRUCT recursively unpacks a data structure
 useFactoryUSEFACTORY allows a "factory" structure to be used to generate cells of a

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