Rohit Sinha

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Research Interests

I work on applying mathematical proof techniques to reason about software security. My research focuses on proving that a security-critical program demonstrates end-to-end security by modeling programs in a formal system (e.g. first-order logic) and using formal analysis (e.g. theorem proving, type checking) to prove an absence of errors. Specifically, I am using these techniques to build provably correct security-critical applications to run on trusted hardware such as Intel SGX. I am being advised by Prof. Sanjit Seshia at UC Berkeley, where I am currently pursuing my PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


In reverse chronological order:

  1. Moat: Verifying Confidentiality Properties of Enclave Programs (CCS 2015) [slides]

  2. Automatic Rootcausing for Program Equivalence Failures (CAV 2015)

  3. Formal Modeling and Verification of CloudProxy (VSTTE 2014)

  4. Symbolic Software Model Validation (MEMOCODE 2013) [slides]

  5. Verification with Small and Short Worlds (FMCAD 2012) [slides]

My undergraduate research in design automation resulted in the following publications:

  1. Parallel Simulation of Mixed-abstraction SystemC Models on GPUs and Multicore CPUs (ASPDAC 2012)

  2. Abstract State Machines as an Intermediate Representation for High-level Synthesis (DATE 2011)