I began my academic career at Hamlin Elementary, where I learned, among other things, the multiplication and division operators, a history of Michigan lighthouses, and proper spellings of most common words less than 4 letters long in length. After graduating, I began courses at West Middle School, where I ran very bad times for the mile, played clarinet in the school band, and did not attend a single dance. I proceeded to Rochester High School, which has one of the best high school calculus teachers imaginable (Miss Brandt).

I gained admission into Michigan State University and began my undergraduate program in the Fall of 2006. I graduated at the end of Fall 2010 with Bachelor's of Science degrees in both Computer Engineering and Economics. Outside of my majors, the most important classes I took were William Blake Tyrrell's Greek and Roman Mythology course and Karin Zitzewitz's Social and Cultural Analysis course. If a Spartan is reading this right now, take these courses, if they are still offered.

At MSU, I did research with Professor Xiaobo Tan in the Smart Microsystems Laboratory on modeling and control of ionic polymer-metal composites under varying temperature conditions.

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In Fall of 2011, I began studies at UC Berkeley. For more details of my recent academic life, see the Research tab.