I am a visiting scholar in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley where I work with Prof Trevor Darrell and Prof. Pieter Abbeel. I am conducting research in deep semantic language acquisition using robotic visual and tactile information as input for experiential learning of objects, actions, and consequences.

My research interests are in Robotics, Machine Learning, Decision Making, Planning and Computer Vision.

Previously I was a research associate at the Intelligent Systems Research Center, University of Ulster, UK. where I was part of the Cognitive Robotics Team.

Please check my research page to read about my goals, and the robots page to see some of the robots I worked with.

I use social media to extend my research outreach beyond scientific papers. I usually post news or comments with Google+ or sometimes Twitter. In the spirit of open source and open science, most of the code I develop is in GitHub. I also keep a blog called Fantastic Machines, although I update it less frequently than I wish.

My CV is available here.


  • Our paper entitled Using Robotic Exploratory Procedures to Learn the Meaning of Haptic Adjectives has won the Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award at ICRA 2013. Many thanks to the wonderful team!
  • Our AAAI 2013 workshop entitled Intelligent Robotic Systems has been accepted! More details at the workshop page. Deadline has been moved to 04/16.
  • On Saturday 12/8/2012 I will be honored to give a talk at the East Bay Astronomical Society on Robots - Past Present and Future. More information can be found here.
  • I am co-organizing a AAAI Symposium on Designing Intelligent Robots: Reintegrating AI. It will be a great forum to discuss challenges and cutting-edge research in robotics and artificial intelligence, with an outstanding list of invited speakers. For more information please visit the symposium website.