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Lillian J. Ratliff

Postdoctoral Researcher, EECS at UC Berkeley
(ratliffl at eecs.berkeley)

Interests: Game Theory, Dynamical Systems,
Control Theory, Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems
Advisor: Shankar Sastry

B.S. Mathematics, 2008 UNLV
B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2008 UNLV
M.S. Electrical Engineering, 2010 UNLV
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, 2015 UC Berkeley

Lillian Ratliff is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. Her research interests lie at the intersection of the study of game theory, online optimization, statistical learning and societal-scale cyber-physical systems (S-CPS). She is interested in utilizing the complex datasets captured through new sensing and control technologies being deployed in critical infrastructure such as the smart grid, intelligent transportation systems, and healthcare systems to develop data-driven models and analytics for both system and agent behavior. Further, she aims to combine data-driven models and analytics with game-theoretic tools that capture complex socioeconomic interactions for analysis of new vulnerabilities and synthesis of control, both economic and physical, in S-CPS. She is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.