Rachel Nancollas

address: 1310 Neilson Street, Apt. D; Berkeley, CA 94702  phone: (315)569-8014

email: rsnancollas@gmail.com  website: http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~racheln


Automated analog layout , CAD tool development, Software development


CAD Software: Cadence, Ciranova PyCell Studio

Programming: Python, BASH/shell scripting, SPICE, MATLAB, LaTeX, LabView

Layout:  Large scale digital and medium scale mixed analog-digital IC layout


University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, CA                                                                   2011 - 2013 (expected)

          ⚫ M.S. in Engineering (EECS) (4.0/4.0)

          ⚫ Research in automated analog layout and routing algorithms with Prof. Elad Alon 

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering - Needham, MA                                                                            2006 - 2011

          ⚫ B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (3.98/4.0)


Wireless Communications, Instrumentation and Design of Sensors, Analog ICs, Digital ICs,  Advanced Digital ICs, Advanced Analog ICs, Numerical Simulation and Modeling*, C/C++* (*currently enrolled)


Automated Analog Layout Research - UC Berkeley                                                                      2011 - Present

          ⚫ Collaborated on a large software project leveraging Ciranova’s pycell technology to create

               automatic layout tools for generation of analog circuits (specific application: DC-DC converter)

          ⚫ Created debugging tools for visualization of layout elements

          ⚫ Thesis topic: crafting IC routing tools to address the sensitivities of analog signal paths

Hardware Engineering Intern - Twinleaf: Princeton, NJ                                         Summer 2011

          ⚫ Designed, laid out, and tested PCBs used in high precision magnetic sensors

Project Manager for Robotic Positioning System - Olin College                                                                     2010 - 2011

          ⚫ Managed a team building a high-precision/low-cost positioning system for MIT Lincoln Labs

Course Assistant - Olin College                                                                                                    2009 - 2011

          ⚫ Into Engineering, Signals and Systems, Analog/Digital Comm, Microelectronic Circuits

          ⚫ Facilitated weekly tutorial sessions, tutored students, graded problem sets

Antenna Holography Research - MIT Haystack Observatory: Westford, MA                                                  2009 - 2011

          ⚫ Wrote software for creating holographic images of antenna dishes

          ⚫ Modeled subreflector and feed in EM simulation software

          ⚫ Presented poster at 2011 IEEE Symposium on Antennas and Propagation/URSI Meeting

Microvascular Remodeling Research - Olin College: MA and Aberdeen, Scotland                                      2007 - 2011

          ⚫ Investigated structural adaptation in vessel networks

          ⚫ Developed non‐linear equation solving software in MATLAB

          ⚫ Delivered talk at Joint Math Meetings in San Francisco, CA


⚫ Coauthor on "Stability of a Microvessel Subject to Structural Adaptation" in the              Published: Fall 2010

Journal of Mathematical Medicine and Biology

⚫ NSF Graduate Fellowship                                                                Awarded: Spring 2011   

⚫ UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship for Graduate Study                                 Awarded: Spring 2011

⚫ Full Tuition Olin Scholarship                                                                Awarded: Spring 2006