:: about me ::

Pei-yu (Peggy) Chi designs intelligent systems that enhance and improve our daily experiences. She is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, supported by the Google PhD Fellowship in Human Computer Interaction (2014-2016) and the Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study (2011-2013). She is working with Prof. Bjoern Hartmann and senior research scientists Mira Dontcheva and Wilmot Li at Adobe Creative Technologies Lab on interactive tutorials.

Peggy earned her M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences in 2010 from the MIT Media Lab, where she was awarded as a lab fellow and worked with Henry Lieberman at the Software Agents Group. She also holds a M.S. in Computer Science and a B.B.A. in Information Management from National Taiwan University, where she worked with Hao-hua Chu at the UbiComp Lab. She received the People’s Choice Award at ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) 2007 for her work on a nutrition-aware kitchen, augmented by a rule-based system using a hybrid sensing approach to provide real-time feedback.

Curriculum Vitae: [pdf] (January 2016)

2011/08-present Ph.D. in Computer Science from the EECS department
UC Berkeley, CA, US
- Supported by the Google PhD Fellowship (2014-2016)
- Received the Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study (2011-2013)
- Advisor: Assistant Professor Bjoern Hartmann
2008/09 - 2010/08 S.M. in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT Media Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, US
- Advisor: Research Scientist Henry Lieberman
- RA at the Software Agents Group
- Received the ITRI Fellowship, MIT Media Lab
2006/09 - 2008/06 M.S. in Computer Science from Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
- Advisor: Professor Hao-hua Chu
- RA at the Ubicomp Lab
- Received the Phi Tau Phi Award and Garmin Scholarship
2002/09 - 2006/06 B.B.A. in Information Management
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
- Received the Presidential Award, NTU
Honor and Awards
2014-2016 The Google PhD Fellowship in Human-Computer Interaction, USA.
2011-2013 The Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study, UC Berkeley.
2012 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Finalist, USA.
2009-2010 ITRI Fellowship, MIT Media Lab [link][pdf]
2009, 2010 Conference Grant, Ministry of Education, Taiwan
2008 Phi Tau Phi Award, Member of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society, Taiwan
2008 Conference Grant, Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, Taiwan
2008 Third prize of Paper Award, The Cooperative Workshop of CyberLink and CML on Communications and Multimedia, Taiwan
2007 Garmin Scholarship, Taiwan
2007, 2008 1st place, Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
2007 People's Choice Award, ACM CHI2007 Work-in-Progress Paper, San Jose, CA
2007 2nd place, ImagineCup 2007 Software Design Competition, Microsoft Taiwan
2006 Excellent Work Award, The 1st Acer Long-term Smile Contest, Taiwan
2005 Presidential Award, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
GPA in the top 5% of the students in Dept. of Information Management, 2004 Fall semester
More about Peggy:
  • My Chinese name: 紀佩妤, read aspeiyuchi. Considering it's not easy to read it even in Mandarin, my parents gave me a nickname "Peggy" when I was born, which becomes a more well-known name to find me.
  • I love traveling a lot [see my photograph collection].
  • Cooking + enjoying tasty food plays an important part of my everyday life.
  • I play piano from age 3 and violin from 9, with quite much performance experience. I also joined an orchestra during 5-6th grades and senior high. After college, occasionally I play in my leisure time.
  • I was filmed as one of the main characters in a TV advertisement, and was a little runway model at age 7-8.
  • I dance - ballet when I was a little girl, and pop dance (hip-hop, house, jazz, etc.) when I was an undergrad.
  • Very luckily, I haven't "suffered" from any entrance exams in Taiwan (instead, I entered high school through Math&Science test and applied to university and grad school afterwards). I believe it’s my passion on academic interests that keeps me moving forward.