Associate Professor, UC Berkeley, EECS
Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) laboratory
Co-Founder Gradescope

Pieter Abbeel
746 Sutardja Dai Hall #1758 (Google maps)
Berkeley, CA 94720-1758

pabbeel AT cs.berkeley.edu (preferred way of being contacted)

Quick picks:

I will be lecturing on Deep Reinforcement Learning at the Machine Learning Summer School (with John Schulman)

I am co-organizing WAFR 2016 (with Ken Goldberg, Sachin Patil, Jur van den Berg)

I am co-organizing the NIPS 2015 Deep RL Workshop (with John Schulman, Satinder Singh, Dave Silver)

I just co-organized Bay Area Robotics Symposium (BARS) 2015 (with Igor Mordatch, Lauren Miller, Marco Pavone)

The current offering of my Advanced Robotics course is here.
The current (and first) offering of Deep Reinforcement Learning is here.

We are offering our Artificial Intelligence course as a MOOC on edX, here.
You can self-study our Artificial Intelligence course here.
All instructional materials for our Artificial Intelligence course are available at ai.berkeley.edu.

A recent talk highlighting some current directions in my group.