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EECS Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu and Belle Wei (Chair of Engineering Education and Innovative Learning at San Jose State) penned an article for the Mercury News titled "Closing tech workforce gap calls for interdisciplinary model." In it, they argue that there is a desperate need to increase the future number of computer scientists in the US workforce and this need can be met by women if Silicon Valley companies increase their efforts to collaborate with university educators. "Our educators are up to the task. What they need is incentive and support, along with resources to help them transcend outdated disciplinary divides...We need leaders across a broad spectrum of industry to identify the knowledge and skill sets that new employees will need to succeed."
July 19

The L&S Computer Science Division is featured in a Tech Crunch article titled "How generation Z females could be the answer to tech’s gender diversity problem." The article discusses challenges in closing the gender gap and new initiatives designed to attract and retain girls to science and technology fields. The CS Division was singled out for having almost doubled it's percentage of female CS majors between 2009 and 2013. By 2014, 21% of CS majors were women. "Berkeley emphasized the impact computing has in the world, and worked to tone down elements that may put females off."
July 19

Prof. David Tse has been named recipient of the 2017 IEEE Claude E. Shannon Award. This award is the highest honor in the field of information theory and was instituted to honor consistent and profound contributions to the field. Each Shannon Award winner is expected to present a Shannon Lecture at the following IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory.
July 19

Alumni Sumit Gulwani (CS Ph.D. 2005) is at the centre of an effort to bring the power of computer code to those who are unable to write it themselves. Sumit's research is featured in a Financial Times article titled "Spreadsheet tools to help everyone escape from the cell". The article describes how his team at Microsoft developed Flash Fill for Excel which uses "programming by example" to automatically fill in outputs without entering a formula.
July 18

Intel has announced Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu to be added to their board of directors, marking the second woman to be on their governing body. Prof. King Liu will join lawyer and former ambassador Charlene Barshefsky as the only two women on Intel’s board. “She brings a wealth of expertise in silicon technology and innovation that will be valuable for Intel in many areas as we navigate a significant business transition while continuing to lead in advancing Moore’s Law and harnessing its economic value,” Intel board chairman Andy Bryant said in a statement. More>>
July 12

EECS Ph.D. student Nick Carlini (advisor Prof. David Wagner) in collaboration with a team of researchers from Georgetown University are featured in a number of news articles. They have revealed how secret commands could use voice-control tools like Siri and Google Now to take over your smartphone without your knowledge. They ran a series of tests to see just how easily these assistants could be tricked.
Here's how secret voice commands could hijack your smartphone
Researchers Reveal How Secret Commands Could Hijack Siri
Demonic Garbled Voices Can Hijack Smartphones
Tom's Guide
Secret voice commands hidden in YouTube videos could hijack your smartphone
International Business Times (UK)
July 11

Prof. Claire Tomlin has been selected to receive the 2017 IEEE Transportation Technologies Award, which recognizes advances in technologies applied in transportation systems. Prof. Tomlin is being recognized for contributions to air transportation systems, focusing on collision avoidance protocol design and avionics safety verification. She pioneered methods for computing the reachable set (encompassing all behaviors) of a hybrid system, which allow one to verify that the system stays within a desired (safe) range of operation and to design controllers to satisfy constraints.
June 27

Prof. Kannan Ramchandran has been selected to receive the 2017 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the integration of computers and communications. Prof. Ramchandran is recognized for his pioneering contributions to the theory and practice of distributed source and storage coding. He pioneered the use of now-popular rate-distortion methods for image and video compression, co-invented distributed source coding, and developed state-of-the-art distributed storage codes which have influenced large-scale storage systems.
June 27

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