Sample game screen:     
  • There are a bunch of athletes whom we call etc.
  • The left panel depicts outcomes of matches between every pair of athletes. The winner of athlete x vs athlete y is the entry in the xth row, yth column of the table. For example, the top-right cell with a green background that displays "1" indicates that entity 1 beats 5.
  • The right panel shows (partial) outcomes of a number of races involving all athletes (each row is a race). In this entire set of races, athlete x beats athlete y if x finishes ahead (">") of y in a majority of the races. For example, 1 finishes ahead of 5 in the first two races while 5 finishes ahead of one only in the third race, and hence 1 beats 5 in the set of races.
  • Your goal is to fill in the empty cells on the right in a manner that the winner among each pair of athletes on the right is the same as the winner among that pair on the left. Since the rows on the right is the outcome of a race, each row must contain distinct values.

  • More about the game interface:
    • Left Panel:
      • Cell is green: your current assessment of the races on the right hand panel is in sync with that pairwise match.
      • Cell is red: your current assessment is incorrect.
      • Cell is blue: your current assessment is tied.
      • You win the game when all cells turn green.
    • Right Panel:
      • Some values are fixed (dark background). Clicking on any other cell brings up the Input Panel.
    • Input Panel:
      • Blank button clears that cell.
      • ★ bookmarks (or unbookmarks) that cell, i.e., shows the cell in a slightly darker background.
    • Top Panel:
      • ? leads to this instructions-page.
      • button clears all entries except bookmarks.
      • R fills random entries in all empty cells.
      • X quits the game and reveals the correct answer.
    • Advanced Customization (via the address bar of your browser):
      • You can choose the number of athletes: for x athletes, append "?x" at the end of the URL in your browser. For example, for 11 athletes, type in .
      • You can also specify the number of cells on the right hand panel whose answers will be fixed (and displayed). To fix a fraction y of the cells, append the "?x" with a ",y". For example, for a game with 7 entities and half the cells fixed, type in

1. The algorithm that is used to generate the numbers in the game can be found here.
2. The background image belongs to this website. In the top panel, the images of the tennis players are from here and here, and the images of the runners are from here.