And our own elders, may God have mercy upon them, used to say, "The study of mathematics is for the mind like soap for the clothes, which washes away from them dirt and cleans the spots and stains."
-- Ibn Khaldun

Research interests

I'm interested in numerical linear algebra, performance tuning, programming languages (especially parallel and embedded languages), and software engineering issues for scientific computing -- especially when it involves using ideas from higher-level programming languages. I have background in the numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, as well as numerical optimization.


In fall 2007, I assisted with a new course for undergraduates on parallel programming, which is listed in the UC Berkeley schedule under CS 194. The instructor was Prof. Kathy Yelick, who is my co-advisor. Prof. Yelick usually teaches CS 267, a parallel programming course for a mix of graduate students from computer science and other engineering and science departments. In CS 194, we included applications that are more relevant for typical CS undergraduates, and also focused on the shared-memory regime, which the new interest in multicore processors is making commercially important.

I've also tutored and graded for various math courses, including a business linear algebra and optimization class at the University of Illinois.

Recreational interests

I like to sing Gregorian chant and other ancient liturgical music in my (not so copious) spare time. I've had the privilege of singing in some lovely scholae (chant choirs) in the East Bay and North Bay. I'm also a fan of poetry, in German and English, though not crazy enough to try writing it!

Personal history

In 2002, I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in math and computer science and a minor in German. I spent the next academic year taking math courses and meeting all kinds of interesting folks while on a Fulbright grant at the Technische Universitšt Berlin. Then, in fall 2003, I joined the UC Berkeley PhD program in computer science. At Berkeley, I had the good fortune to meet my spouse while staying at International House.

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