Mehdi Maasoumy

PhD Candidate
University of California, Berkeley








Graduate Courses

Major: Controls

  1. (ME232) Advanced Control Systems I with Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka
  2. (ME233) Advanced Control Systems II with Prof. Roberto Horowitz
  3. (ME237) Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems with Prof. Karl Hedrick
  4. (ME290J) Model predictive Control with Prof. Francesco Borelli
  5. (ME236) Optimal Control and Optimization of Distributed Parameters Systems with Prof. Alexandre Bayen
  6. (ME190L) Practical Control System Design; A Systematic Loop Shaping Approach with Prof. Andrew Packard
  7. (EECS291E/ME290Q) Hybrid Systems--Computation and Control with Prof. Shankar Sastry and Prof. Claire Tomlin

Outside Minor: Optimization

  1. (E231) Mathematical Methods in Engineering with Prof. Laurent El Ghaoui, Prof. Roberto Horowitz and Prof. Andrew Packard
  2. (IEOR162) Linear Programming with Dr. Sarah Drewes
  3. (EE227A) Introduction to Convex Optimization with Prof. Martin Wainwright

Inside Minor: Energy

  1. (ER254) Electric Power Systems with Prof. Duncan Callaway
  2. (EE290N) Advanced Topics in System Theory with Prof. Seth Sanders
  3. (EE249) Embedded System Design with Prof. Aberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
  4. (ER290) Energy Efficiency Technology in Buildings with Prof. Duncan Callaway
  5. (ER200) Energy and Society with Prof. Jonathan Koomey


  1. (EE126) Probability and Random processes with Prof. Anant Sahai