I work with Ras Bodik in the Par Lab on the Superconductor language for big data visualization, a parallel web browser, and on the side, the sociology of programming languages. Previously, I was a member of Brown PLT with Shriram Krishnamurthi. I have also worked at a startup, Microsoft Research, Macromedia, Adobe's Advanced Technology Labs, and WBRU, a commercial radio station.

My following languages paint a brighter future for the web:

Finally, causing some excitement, see our work on Socio-PLT: Sociology for Programming Languages!


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Parallel Browser

Languages, compilers, and algorithms


Social factors of language design


Dynamic languages


Analyzable and scriptable policies


    li>UPCRC (MSR Faculty Summit): The Parallel Browser: Architecture and Synthesis over Parallel Patterns (July, 2012)
  1. Microsoft Research (China): Parallel Browser / Socio-PLT (short talk, June, 2012)
  2. PLDI+ECOOP 2012 (SRC): Synthesizing and Parallelizing Layout Languages (finalist / short talk, June, 2012)
  3. Mozilla: FTL: Synthesizing a Parallel Layout Engine (February, 2012)
  4. Parallelism Tools Workshop (Intel, Santa Clara): Synthesizing a Parallel CSS Engine (August, 2011)
  5. HotPar 2011: Data Parallel Programming for Irregular Tree Computations (May, 2011)
  6. Qualcomm (Santa Clara): FTL: Fast Tree Language (October, 2010)
  7. IBM Research (Almaden): Parallel Browsers for the Mobile Era: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities (September, 2010)
  8. Qualcomm (San Diego): FTL: Fast Tree Language (poster, September, 2010)
  9. Parallel Bootcamp: A Parallel Browser: Lessons in Mobility and Irregularity (September, 2010)
  10. Stanford: A Parallel Browser for the Mobile Web (May, 2010)
  11. W2SP 2010: Secure Cooperative Sharing of JavaScript, Browser, and Physical Resources (May, 2010)
  12. Oakland 2010: ConScript: Specifying and Enforcing Fine-Grained Security Policies for JavaScript in the Browser (May, 2010)
  13. WWW 2010: Fast and Parallel Webpage Layout (April, 2010)
  14. Qualcomm: A Principled Approach to a Browser Layout Engine (April, 2010)
  15. Open House at Intel Labs: Parallel Webpage Processing (poster, March, 2010)
  16. OOPSLA 2009: Flapjax (October, 2009)
  17. Intel Developer Forum: Parallel Browser Algorithms (poster, September, 2009)
  18. Microsoft Research (Redmond): Fast Webpage Layout (September, 2009)
  19. Adobe: Fast Webpage Layout (September, 2009)
  20. #moz09 (Mozilla): It's the End of the Web as We Know It, and I Feel Fine (invited all-hands talk, April 30, 2009). contact for slides.
  21. CodeCon 2009: The Parallel Web Browser (biohackers and cypherpunks, April 19th, 2009). pdf slides
  22. HotPar 2009: The Parallel Web Browser (April, 2009)
  23. Samsung Research: Parallel Webpage Layout (invited seminar, February, 2009)
  24. Intel Languages Workshop: Update on the Parallel Browser Language (industry, 2008)
  25. BayFP: Flapjax & FIRE - Evolving a Reactive Web Language (industry, 2008). video!
  26. #moz08 (Mozilla): Implicitly parallel browser scripting (invited all-hands talk, 2008)
  27. Adobe: Mixed Imperative and Functional Reactive Programming in Flex and AS3 (research staff review + Flex team talk, 2007)
  28. Adobe: Flapjax: Functional Reactive Web Programming (Flex team talk, 2006)

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