Kevin Weekly
Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering
University of California Berkeley


Curriculum Vitae (Updated February 14, 2014) - PDF

Kevin is a Ph.D. candidate and graduate student researcher at the University of California Berkeley. He is advised by Alexandre M. Bayen, Costas J. Spanos, and Kristofer S.J. Pister. His research interest and dissertation topic is Applied Estimation of Mobile Environments, that is, applying new technologies, such as robotics, miniature sensors, and low-power wireless, and theories, such as Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations and Particle Filters, to solve real-world environmental estimation problems, such as river flow estimation and occupancy tracking.

Kevin was a team member of the Floating Sensor Network which built and deployed 100 floating sensors into the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta. Of the fleet, 40 were fully custom-designed motorized units which could avoid being crashed on the shore using Kevin's Hamilton-Jacobi Safety Control method. The other 60 were Android smartphone-based drifters.

Recently, Kevin has participated in the SinBerBEST (Singapore Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics) project, a collaboration with the Singapore Universities NTU and NUS, and part of a broader collaboration between Singapore and International Universities called CREATE. The aim of this project is to reduce the energy consumption of office buildings using a wide variety of methods and interdisciplinary approaches. Kevin's particular role has been to develop the sensing infrastructure needed to support advanced estimation and control of the smart building. He has developed hardware and software solutions to support dense state estimation, as well as conducted studies using the collected data to estimate indoor occupancy as well as track occupants within the building.

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