EE122: Introduction to Communication Networks
Discussion Section

GSI: Jorge Ortiz


- There will be extra office hours this week on Wednesday 9/19/07 from 11am-12pm in the Soda 711 Alove.
- I will no longer be teaching the Wednesday section from 12-1pm.

Office Hours:
Wed 1pm-2pm at 711 Soda

Discussion Sections:
Mon 4pm-5pm in 299 Cory
Tue 10am-11am (Second Half of Semester)

Course Web Page:
EE122: Introduction to Communication Networks

Circuit/Packet Switching and Sockets [notes] [Sockets 2-up]][Sockets 6-up]
Socket programming Continued; How Sockets work [notes]
Packet Capture and Analysis [Wireshark][Wireshark 2-up][Wireshark 6-up]
File Transfer Protocol [FTP][FTP 2-up][FTP 6-up]
Content Distribution Networks [CDNs and Replication][CDNs-Replication 2-up][CDNs-Replication 6-up]
Link Contention [Contention][Contention 2-up][Contention 6-up]
Routing [Routing][Routing 2-up][Routing 6-up]
Spanning Tree [Spanning Tree][Spanning Tree 2-up][Spanning Tree 6-up]
State Diagrams [State Diagrams][State Diagrams 2-up][State Diagrams 6-up]
DiffServ [DiffServ][DiffServ 2-up][DiffServ 6-up]
Final Concepts [Final Concepts PDF]

Helpful Links
Beej's Guide to Network Programming
The GNU C Library
Van Jacobson SIGCOMM '88