Jorge Ortiz

 410 Soda Hall
 Computer Science Division
 University of California, Berkeley
 Berkeley, CA 94720

 Office:   510-643-3327
 Mobile:  617-784-6550 
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Current Classes

Advanced Topic in Computer Systems
Professor Eric Brewer and Professor Joe Hellerstein

CS262a is the first semester of a year-long sequence on computer systems research, including operating systems, database systems, and internet infrastructure systems.  The goal of the course is to cover a broad array of research topics in computer systems, and to engage you in top-flight systems research.  The first semester is devoted to basic thematic issues and underlying techniques in computer systems, while the second semester goes deeper into topics related to scalable, parallel and distributed systems.  The class is based on a discussion of important research papers, and a research project.

Practical Machine Learning
Professor Michael A. Jordan

This course introduces core statistical machine learning algorithms in a (relatively) non-mathematical way, emphasizing applied problem-solving. The prerequisites are light; some prior exposure to basic probability and to linear algebra will suffice.

Classes From Previous Semesters

Fall 2007

CS 294-14- Architecture of Internet Datacenters
Professor Randy Katz

CS281A- Statistical Learning Theory
Professor Michael A. Jordan

Spring 2006

CS268- Graduate Computer Networks
Professor Ion Stoica

EE290Q- Organization and Management of Ad-hoc Sensor and Actuator Networks
Professor Jan Rabaey and Professor Adam Wolisz

Fall 2005

CS294-11- Graduate Seminar on Sensor Actuator Networks
Professor David Culler and Professor Joe Hellerstein