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Fun Facts

Having studied at Cal for both my undergrad and graduate careers, I've been around for a long time. Just how long? Oh let me count the ways:

-- When I entered college, this year's freshmen were in... 1st grade.
-- In-state tuition was $4,336 (it is now around $13,432).
-- My freshman year was the first ever Caltopia.
-- When I first came to Cal, the meal plans were allocated in meals/week (1 swipe = 1 meal).
-- Dining commons: Crossroads was still relatively new and the Unit 3 DC and the Clark Kerr DC were subsequently renovated.
-- Construction/renovation completed: Hargrove Music Library, Christian & Slottman Dorms, Towle and Wada Dorms, C.V. Starr East Asian Library, Underhill Parking Facility & Playing Field, Stanley Hall, Sutardja Dai (CITRIS), Blum Hall, Li Ka Shing Hall, Energy Biosciences Building, Hearst Mining Circle, Memorial Stadium.
-- Warren Hall was on campus (not where it currently resides).
-- Maxwell Field was sometimes referred to as Kleeberger Field.
-- We passed the measure to build the bridgeway between Hillside and La Loma in the Foothill dorms.
-- I missed only one year of Tedford's Cal career (his first).
-- Famous(-ish) athletes who were at Cal while I have been: Ryan Anderson, Jahvid Best, DeSean Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Morgan, Natalie Coughlin, Nathan Adrian
-- I remember when Facebook first came to Cal my freshman year.
-- I first took a class (CS61C) with Dan Garcia in 2004. Seven years later, I became a TA for that same class. I became a TA for that class under Dan in 2013 and was selected to be the instructor that summer. In 2016 I am subbing for Dan's other class (CS10).