Judy Hoffman

UC Berkeley, Computer Vision PhD Student


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Upcoming Talks

  • Adapting Deep Networks to Real-World Problems
    Amazon Computer Vision PhD Symposium, October, 2015.

Past Talks

  • Category Invariant Cross Modality Transfer
    Daghstuhl seminar Machine Learning with Interdependent and Non-identcally Distributed Data, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, April 2015.
  • Continuous Adaptation with Limited Target Labeled Data
    IST Austria Symposium on Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Vienna, Austria, 2015.
  • Large Scale Detection through Adaptation
    Baylearn (Presented Hoffman et al. NIPS 2014) [slides pptx] [slides pdf] [paper]
  • Efficient Learning of Domain Invariant Image Representations
    ICLR 2013. [slides pdf] [paper]
  • Discovering Latent Domains for Multisource Domain Adaptation
    WiML 2012. (Presentation of Hoffman et al. ECCV 2012) [slides pdf] [paper]