Greg Durrett

I am a sixth-year graduate student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, advised by Dan Klein. I work on a range of topics in statistical natural language processing, including coreference resolution, entity linking, and syntactic parsing. My work combines two broad thrusts: first, designing joint models that combine information across different tasks (TACL 2014) or across different views of a problem (ACL 2015), and second, building systems that strike a balance between being linguistically motivated and data driven (EMNLP 2013, ACL 2014).


Curriculum Vitae / Research Statement / Teaching Statement


UC BerkeleyPhD in Computer Science (2016)
MITBS in Computer Science, Mathematics; minor in Music (2010)




When I'm not doing NLP, I like to play the clarinet. I currently play in the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. Check out our upcoming concerts!