There will be a total of 6 Homeworks, which require the use of Matlab. Typically the HW is given on a Thursday, and due in class two weeks later. If you turn your homework late, there will be a 2 point penalty per day, with a maximum delay until the next class following the due date (that is, if a HW is due on a Thursday, you have to turn it on the following Tuesday at the latest). Only the best 4 scores out of 5 will be taken into account.

  1. Homework 1. Posted: 1/23/14, due: 2/6/14.

  2. Homework 2. Posted: 2/6/14, due: 2/20/14.

  3. Homework 3. Posted: 2/20/14, due: 3/6/14.

  4. Homework 4. Posted: 3/18/14, due: 4/8/14.

  5. Homework 5. Posted: 4/8/14, due: 4/22/14.